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Natural Remedies: 8 Essential Factors For Health Promotion

It may not be easy, but living free of disease is very simple. Problems arise when we attack our body and fail to meet its basic needs. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a new lifestyle to restore it. The essential principles governing our bodies are often called natural remedies or health-promoting factors.

Do you know what these free remedies that nature offers? In this article, we are going to tell you which are the 8 habits capable of restoring health and providing longevity, disposition, well-being and quality of life. Read on!

8 Natural Remedies—A Known Concept

Contrary to popular belief, 8 natural remedies are common. 

However, over the decades, Science developed and began to validate each of these principles. As you will see below, they are recommended by doctors and health professionals who have nothing to do with this religious denomination. If adopted, they restore the body’s balance, favoring the proper functioning of the different systems. The result is physical and mental health. See below!


Water is one of the main remedies that nature offers. It is the main component of our body’s constitution, so ingesting it to meet our daily needs and maintain water balance is essential. The idea is not to wait to drink water only when we feel thirsty, as this feeling is already a warning that the body’s situation is critical.

60% of our body is made up of water. It also forms 90% of blood plasma and 80% of our brain. In addition, this liquid regulates several body functions. Water contributes to the final balance, to the proper functioning of the intestine, and prevents kidney stones, among other problems.

Clean Air

Air is the second natural remedy. The ideal is to live in environments with low pollution levels, where the air is still pure, free of particles and chemical components that harm the organism. However, we know that this is only sometimes possible.

Therefore, we recommend that you stay close to nature when there is an opportunity. Try walking in the woods or park at least on weekends. However, it is not only the air quality that influences our health. It is also essential to breathe deeply.

The correct way to breathe is to breathe through your nose, taking in as much air as possible. The chest should expand at this point, causing oxygen to fill the lungs. When exhaling, it is also important to expel all the air inside the lungs to eliminate carbon dioxide.

Healthy Eating

Food is one of the main natural remedies. It needs to contain all the macronutrients ( carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) that the body uses to obtain energy, produce new cells and regulate its functions.

Maintaining a healthy diet is simpler than people realize. However, as our palate is used to feeling pleasure with options that are not good for the body, changing habits can be challenging.

Food can be a source of healing or cause a series of diseases. Therefore, it is worth changing the menu, even if it means gradually learning to eat healthy foods and eliminating those that are not good for you.


Exercise is another key factor in good health. In addition to the feeling of well-being obtained through the production of endorphins, it helps you sleep better, maintain a stable weight, helps to avoid and overcome depression and is related to cancer prevention, among other benefits.

Physical activity still preserves muscle mass, maintains physical strength, protects joints and favoring mobility. Nor can we forget its role in strengthening the heart, stimulating the good functioning of the intestine, increasing immunity and preserving cognitive functions due to the production of neurotransmitters that benefit psychic tone and mood.

The amount of exercise recommended by the World Health Organization is 150 minutes a week of moderate or 75 minutes of intense activity. Therefore, 5 sessions of 30 minutes a week are enough to improve your health and quality of life greatly.


Rest is just as important as exercise. The body and the brain need this rest period to recover from the day’s effort, organize the information received, and produce new cells and important hormones to regulate the organism’s functioning.

Lack of restful sleep is associated with various physical and mental health issues. Insomnia increases the chances of developing diabetes, cardiovascular problems, inflammation, depression and other mental disorders.

So if you can’t sleep well, try to start having restorative nights. Sleep hygiene is a set of actions that can help you condition your body and mind for that moment of rest that is important for your health and well-being.


Temperance is a word many people prefer to substitute for balance. It is about the ability to use what makes us feel good in moderation and to practice abstinence from what causes illness. Some examples of habits that need to be eliminated are smoking, using chemical substances, and consuming alcohol and sweetened foods, among others.

Although some of these habits are socially and culturally accepted, knowing they are disease-causing factors is important. An example is the consumption of alcohol, which is so present in social life. There is no safe level for drinking alcohol. Even in moderate doses, they increase cancer risk, for example.


For years, the scientific community has warned people about the dangers of sunbathing. However, research today shows that, although overexposure is not recommended, daily contact with sunlight is vital for maintaining health.

Sunlight promotes a series of chemical reactions in the body. When the skin is exposed to the sun, its rays trigger blood pressure control mechanisms, for example. We must remember vitamin D, a hormone that brings many benefits and is associated with preventing several diseases.

Therefore, controlled exposure to sunlight, without chemical protectors, should be part of our routine.

Trust In God

The different academies researching and promoting Lifestyle Medicine present this natural remedy differently. Some refer to it as gratitude, others as faith, and some still prefer to call it spirituality.

The fact is that, regardless of your religion, several studies demonstrate that faith or spirituality can generate meaning and value for human life, in addition to positively influencing health and healing processes.

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