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Clay: For The Well-Being And Beauty Of The Body  

Properties And Use Of Clay

The use of clay for personal well-being has very ancient origins. All people have always known its properties, using it as a remedy for the internal and external health of the body. 

Clay Is Effective Because Of Its Broad Absorbency

Its tiny particles and surface tension is so great as to absorb many toxins and poisons, having a solid anti-inflammatory power. Acting this way, the clay brings out all that is toxic, purifying the body, abscesses, and ulcers. It can also be of great help for distortions. Several laboratory experiments have demonstrated the effectiveness of clay in eliminating poisons because it is a crucial blood detoxifier. 

Using clay helps rebalance the metabolism, giving health and strength thanks to its antibacterial action. Clay can be used for internal and external use. External use of clay In the case of external use, it can be used as poultices (i.e., a thick layer of clay mixed with water), spread on wrapping paper or on a cotton or wool towel, and applied cold directly on the part to treat. You can also make some bandages or bandages with wipes soaked in water and clay, or you can make frictions on the body. Its use in cosmetics for masks and beauty treatments is well known.

Internal Use Of The Clay

If you want to use the clay internally, it is advisable to seek your doctor’s opinion. After letting the mixture rest for at least one night without mixing, you can drink a glass of water and clay. You can also use it to gargle an enema with water and clay. It is advisable to buy biological clay. When you want to use clay for wraps on the body, you can add a few drops of essential oil and give perfume to exploit the beneficial properties of essential oils. 

Clay should always be mixed using a wooden spoon. Avoid steel and a glass or porcelain bowl, not plastic. Healing yourself with clay requires patience and consistency. Benefits can be found on the parts to be disinfected by making compresses every day, which is better for the whole night; covering the treated part with wool will increase its benefits.

What Type Of Clay To Choose

Different types of clay can be found on the market to use. It is always better to prefer ventilated green clay, suitable for both internal and external use and of quality and certified biological clay.

White Clay

Also called kaolin, white clay originates from China. It is made up of 48% silicon and 36% aluminum. It is used for both internal and external use, also helpful in gargling and cleaning teeth. There are also white clay-based toothpastes on the market. It can also be helpful for stomach acidity and to counteract abdominal swelling. 

You can make face masks with white clay, especially for blackheads or oily skin. It has an essential purifying and astringent action. It is not very aggressive and therefore leaves the skin soft and hydrated. Also useful for poultices on brittle and damaged hair. It can give strength to dry and lifeless hair and helps the scalp.

Green Clay

Its broad absorbent, and anti-inflammatory power characterizes green clay. It is made up of 50% silica and 15% aluminum. It is used to prepare beauty masks that help purify the epidermis and fight eczema and acne. It can help dilate pores, oxygenate the skin, and reactivate its microcirculation. If you want to use green clay orally, it can be helpful in constipation and slow digestion. Like white clay, green clay is also great for hair wraps.

Red Clay

Rich in iron, red clay and purifying the body, it is helpful in cases of sensitive skin because it has more excellent anti-inflammatory properties than the others. It is the most delicate clay, recommended for sensitive skin. In addition to the characteristics that unite it to other types of clay, the red one has a greater anti-inflammatory power and can also be a helpful pain reliever and anti-decongestant. Only sometimes are easy to find in stores.

Yellow Clay

Also called illite clay because it is rich in potassium, titanium, and copper minerals, yellow clay is the least used even though it boasts several essential properties. It’s an excellent remedy to flame, soothe and refresh. Useful for heavy legs, back, and neck pain and relaxing the body. This clay is recommended for more mature skins that need more collagen.

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