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Six Tips To Speed Up Metabolism

Much is said about speeding up metabolism. But not everyone knows what it is or how it affects the body. Metabolism is basically how the body processes the food it eats and turns it into energy: that way, the faster your metabolism, the greater your ability to burn fat.

However, each individual’s metabolism is different. It depends on each person’s sex, age, habits and genetic characteristics. In addition, after age 30, metabolism slows down, especially in women, as they have more fat deposits.

Therefore, speeding up your metabolism is an excellent way to manage your measurements and maintain your ideal weight. And as we will see, healthy habits can promote this acceleration without dietary restrictions. Let’s see what these habits are!

Do Not Skip Breakfast

After long hours of sleep, the body needs to replenish lost energy. Skipping this meal will cause the body to store fat. Therefore, the suggestion is to choose for this time of day the intake of low glycemic index carbohydrates, such as whole grain bread. They increase the feeling of satiety and prevent overeating at lunch.

Include Thermogenic Foods

This food group is known to speed up metabolism by increasing body temperature. Thus, they promote fat burning, like red pepper, which can accelerate metabolism by up to 15%. And just 3 grams a day is enough. Other foods are green tea, goji berry, cinnamon and pineapple.

Make Regular Meals

Eating every three hours keeps the body’s metabolism revved up. That’s because he understands that he doesn’t need to store calories. But the options you choose should be healthy and light. Fruits, yogurts or delicate cookies can be part of this menu.

Stay Hydrated

The human body needs to eliminate toxins daily through urine and feces. And it is the role of water to help these processes naturally. Therefore, the ideal is to drink between eight and ten glasses of water daily. Suppose it’s cold; even better. That way, the body speeds up its metabolism to leave it at the right temperature, burning more calories.

Food Supplements

The body is not always able to obtain all the nutrients necessary for the full functioning of the body. For this, supplements with specific vitamins can accelerate metabolism and provide vital energy. Among them are vitamin supplements such as B12 and C.

Do High-Intensity Training

With professional supervision, high-intensity workouts can prolong fat burning. In this way, there will be the elimination of fat deposits. In this type of physical exercise, there is an alternation between high-intensity workouts and shorter recovery intervals.

Oh, it’s worth remembering that stress and lack of sleep contribute to a slower metabolism. Depriving yourself of sleep means you don’t have the energy you need for another day, slowing down all your body’s functions. In turn, stress puts the entire body in a state of tension, impairing metabolism. The tip is to sleep well and try to have a healthy lifestyle.

Each organism has its biological individuality and has different needs. As with athletes, each person has unique nutritional requirements that may change due to personal goals. To meet this demand, there is the manipulation of dietary supplements.

In addition, every day, the body requires a nutritional balance that is not always supplied naturally through food. Therefore, manipulating supplements is an excellent option for health, especially for those looking for more outstanding performance in physical activities, more lean mass and strength. In this way, the manipulation can meet this need and help the individual to achieve their goals faster.


Undoubtedly, personalization is the most significant benefit of handling nutritional supplements. The health professional will consult the specific needs of the patient and will check what is missing in the body.

Thus, you will prescribe a compound that can even be combined with different nutrients. The results for the body will be faster and more effective, as they will be produced mainly for the individual.

Supplementation and food have a direct influence on the performance of physical activity as well as muscle recovery after exercise. With the personalization of the nutritional supplement, the practitioner of physical activities will have the security that he will be ingesting exactly the nutrients he needs, in addition to more certainty as to the desired results.

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