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Whiskey Ice Cream? Here’s How To Prepare It At Home

Whiskey is a distillate that is loved indiscriminately and that, for connoisseurs, goes well with everything. For example, the combination with ice cream elevates it to a tasty and refined summer dessert. That’s why today we will discover the authentic homemade  ice cream recipe with your favorite whiskey, as well as a little extra tip to embellish it with a delicious crunchy aftertaste. It is not worth using a whiskey that is too fine and, therefore, it would be better to choose one that is more commercial but still tasty and structured.

Homemade Whiskey Ice Cream Ingredients

The homemade whiskey ice cream recipe is straightforward and requires few ingredients, easy to find. It is essential to respect the quantities and proportions and the temperatures that we will recommend so that the result will have the right consistency. For your homemade whiskey ice cream, you will need 250 centiliters of cream and 250 centiliters of fresh milk.

You will only need to add 110 grams of sugar and four egg yolks at room temperature. Finally, you will need 100 centiliters of whiskey of your choice, but for the choice of the distillate, the only thing that matters is that it is your favorite. What is certain is that if you use a poor variety, the whiskey flavor will be dulled by that of the sugar

Whiskey Ice Cream: Preparation And Accessories

For the preparation, you will need a saucepan, a mixer, a cooking thermometer, a whisk, and a steel container for cooling. Start by combining milk and cream in a saucepan and bringing the mixture to a boil, stirring occasionally. Turn off the heat and set aside and deal with the eggs.

Vigorously mix the eggs with the sugar in another saucepan and continue until you get a white and fluffy mixture. At this point, add it to the previously heated milk and cream and mix vigorously with a whisk, putting everything back on the heat.

With the cooking thermometer, pay attention not to exceed 80 degrees because the eggs would cook, and the cream obtained would go crazy. The cream will be ready when it drips from the spoon. Put it all together and let it cool down patiently. Then remove the saucepan from the heat and wait for the contents to warm, and then move it to the fridge until completely cooled until it has thickened slightly and will begin to take shape. 

At this point, add the one hundred centiliters of whiskey and mix with a whisk, making sure that the distillate does not rise to the surface. The alcohol will tend to separate from the rest, and therefore it is necessary to mix vigorously with a whisk to incorporate it fully. Finally, pour everything into an ice cream maker or a large steel container and place it in the freezer. It will take eight hours to freeze the ice cream because the alcohol does not chill that quickly, so wait a whole night to get the desired effect.

Extra Tips For Tastier Whiskey Ice Cream

To add a touch of class to your homemade whiskey ice cream, we recommend adding a handful of dark chocolate chips to the cooled mixture in the fridge. The chocolate will soften the bitter aftertaste of the whiskey and make the ice cream more crunchy. If you prefer, you can opt for the crunchy crystals that you can make with sugar and water while the ice cream cools. Just heat two tablespoons of sugar with a tablespoon of water over low heat, waiting for it to turn golden in color.

Turn off the heat and pour the caramel obtained on a sheet of baking paper, paying attention to proceed on a marble surface or a steel pan. Please wait for it to cool, and then chop the caramel you have obtained with the knife. Mix the crystals obtained with chopped almonds, and then sprinkle everything on the ice cream maker you have left to cool. Crunchy effect guaranteed!

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