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Detoxify The Body: Signs Of An Intoxicated Body And What To Do

Here are the main signs that tell us when to detoxify the body and change the type of diet.

Detoxifying the body is the most effective way to regain psycho-physical balance. Unlike what you think, a ” sick ” body, or rather full of toxins, is not seen only from the outside (obesity, brittle nails, hair loss) but also sends strong internal signals (fatigue, insomnia, and depression) not to underestimate. In most cases, to detoxify the body, it is necessary to intervene on nutrition and focus on a detoxifying diet, which restores both internal and external balance.

When To Detoxify The Body

Several factors represent an alarm bell, indicating an organism that needs to be purified. Here are the most obvious signals that our body sends us every day and the reasons why we need to detoxify and change our diet.

Skin Rashes

If there are no other pathologies or disorders, a more or less sudden rash is a sign that our body is overwhelmed by toxins. Hives, for example, can occur in the presence of environmental factors that cause allergy (dust, pollen, etc.) or following the intake of certain types of drugs, but also as a consequence of an incorrect diet. It is often a reaction of the immune system to certain foods such as peanuts, food additives, milk, dairy products, alcohol, etc. 

The stress caused by the appearance of skin rashes increases the “disease” itself, making us enter a very dangerous vicious circle. For this purpose, it is good to ascertain the cause of sudden rashes and follow a diet to detoxify the body by eliminating dairy products, canned food, and others containing preservatives and dyes. In these cases, carrot, apple, and green leafy vegetable juices are excellent as they speed up the detoxification process.

Frequent Headache

Frequent headaches are also a clear symptom that our body needs to detoxify. We often take a painkiller and find that the discomfort disappears in no time. This is fine if it is a passing disturbance (and if we have a binding commitment that we cannot postpone), but if the migraine occurs frequently, it is best to pause for a while before promptly opening the medicine cabinet.

The foods that can cause headaches are acidifying foods such as milk and dairy products, canned and sausage meats, additives, preservatives (aspartame, nitrates, etc.), fried foods, some citrus fruits, but also freezing foods such as icicles.

In this case, we need to detoxify the body by eliminating the harmful foods we consume most often and replacing them with others that improve circulation and relieve the discomfort of headaches. For this purpose, gluten-free cereals (pseudocereals – such as quinoa, amaranth, and buckwheat), sesame seeds (and gomasio instead of salt) rich in Vitamin E, flax seeds, ginger, and a cup of coffee are refined. By eliminating energy drinks instead.

Food Allergies Or Intolerances

Food allergies are a great reason to detoxify the body as soon as possible. These often occur through skin rashes (including hives), nausea and vomiting, difficulty digesting, intestinal problems, swollen stomach (aerophagia), itchy eyes and nose, and trouble breathing. In the case of more severe allergies, the subject can even go into anaphylactic shock. Among the most frequent food allergies are peanuts (and other nuts), crustaceans, eggs, etc. Many times, the direct culprits are substances naturally contained in these foods. 

At other times, food additives, dyes, and preservatives will cause ailments similar to poisoning. Not infrequently, you can suffer even in old age from disorders similar to allergies or intolerances. Among these, we remember the gluten and lactose one. In any case, if we find that we have symptoms similar to those listed above, it is good to do specific tests and start eliminating the foods that cause us annoyances.


If we are often tired, especially after meals, it is probably because we are not eating correctly. Canned and processed foods contain few nutrients but many fats and sugars that poison the body instead of providing it with energy. If we eat in a hurry and our meals are large (especially at dinner), we will feel tired all day and struggle to sleep peacefully. We should never leave the table with a full stomach but stop at about 80% of our capacity. Unfortunately, we often overeat until we can’t take it anymore.

A helpful tip is to start with a mixed salad plate and then eat the first and second. In this way, the sense of satiety will come sooner, preventing us from overeating pasta and bread or other fatty foods (such as fried foods) to satiate us. It’s also good to have two snacks a day (one mid-morning and another mid-afternoon) with seeds or fruit, so you don’t get hungry for lunch and dinner.


Numerous studies now link the consumption of junk food and fatty food to depression. A body full of toxins is like a garbage can – hard to find anything good in it. If our body is not well, it will all seem negative because the mind also suffers considerably, as we have seen before. Let’s go back to eating live foods, eating moderately, and drastically cutting down on junk food. 

This kind of food promotes all kinds of diseases that certainly do not increase our desire to live and take care of ourselves but leave us at the mercy of events. It is easy to detoxify the body if we consume healthy foods, always remembering to cook them in different and imaginative ways instead of filling the cart with “junk,” which could save us time, but is not healthy.

Craving Junk Food

We come to the sore point, which is the most immediate signal that requires detoxifying the body immediately. Most industrial foods (fast food and takeaway foods) are highly addictive.

So, when we imagine a sandwich stuffed with hamburgers and various sauces, french fries, fried fish, or sweets, we signal that our body is dependent on the (often harmful) substances in these foods, which have very little of nature.

They are completely transformed and have completely lost their original form if they ever had one. What I mean is that most junk foods (including snacks, biscuits, sweet and savory snacks, etc.) do not exist in nature but are specially created. It is certainly not a sign of progress. This is demonstrated by an increasingly growing desire to eat organic (which deserves a separate discussion), return to the origins, and consume plant foods that have not undergone industrial transformations and refining.

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