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Five Tips To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer!

What woman doesn’t feel even more beautiful when she dyes her hair? And what woman wouldn’t want the new shade of hair to last much longer? Know that by using the right products and taking some care, it is possible to keep your hair colored and shiny for longer, making it worth the investment spent on all products.

We’ve selected five tips that will help you prolong the time of the new color on your wires. Check out!

Hydration, The First Step

If the hair is dry and poorly cared for, no dye lasts long on the strands. Therefore, it is worth taking a little better care of your hair before changing color so that the result of your coloring is satisfactory.

Invest in powerful hydration before applying the new color to your locks. This step will leave the hair healthy, with the cuticles sealed and able to hold the pigment for longer. You’ll see that this pre-care will be worth it when you notice that your coloring lasts longer!

Care During Washing

After applying the color, avoid washing your hair with hot water as much as possible, which opens the hair cuticles and dries them out, accelerating the fading of the dye. Always wash with cold or lukewarm water.

Another interesting tip is to avoid using deep cleaning, detox, or anti-residue shampoos, which, like hot water, have the power to open the hair cuticles and dry out the locks. 

I prefer products with a lower pH (3.5 and 4.5), which are more acidic and favor the sealing of the cuticles and, consequently, maintaining the new color for longer in your hair. 

Protect The Wires Before The Flat Iron Or Dryer

If the use of the flat iron or the dryer is unavoidable, remember to apply a thermal protector so that the heat of the appliances does not harm the wires so much and the dye does not fade so quickly.

It is advisable that on a day-to-day basis, the hair dries naturally, without the help of a hairdryer. Leave to use the appliances on specific occasions, such as doing a brush or hairstyle for a party. 

Renew The Color With Toner

There’s no way any chemical reaction in the hair to change the color causes the hair cuticles to open to receive the new chosen pigment. And if this process is done frequently, the hair can’t take it: it dehydrates, dries out, loses its shine and color.

An alternative for color renewal is toning masks, which do not contain ammonia and are less damaging to the hair. Using the show more frequently makes you notice that the color will set better, leaving your hair looking better for longer.

Hydration, Too, Whenever Necessary

Did you moisturize your hair before applying the color? Perfect. Know that the use of hydrating masks should be done every fifteen days, preferably, so that the volume of water lost by the threads during the action of the chemicals is replaced. 

Performing this treatment, the cuticles – again they – will remain closed, preventing the rapid fading of the color. 

Did you like our tips? When you take good care of your hair, you are also taking better care of yourself. Bet on our tips to make the dye last longer on your hair and stay beautiful for longer!

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