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Discover 7 Foods That Harm Your Skin And Make It Oily

Our eating habits directly influence our health and our skin, hair, and nails. Therefore, skin problems such as oiliness can also be linked to diet

According to dermatology, in addition to genetic inheritance, hormonal factors, excess sun, stress, and a diet rich in high-fat foods contribute to oily skin.

Therefore, this article presents the main foods that make the skin more oily, causing damage and making it more prone to acne. 

Of course, there are several makeups, creams and aesthetic treatments (always done with an excellent professional follow-up, of course) to make the skin beautiful. However, a simple trip to the fair or market can also bring stunning results for you. After all, you will find most of the vitamins and other nutrients that the body needs to function better and also… Leave your skin healthier!

Foods That Make Skin Oily

They are part of many people’s routine, but they are not suitable for your skin! The high-fat content of dairy products can clog your skin pores and make your skin look greasier, making it more prone to acne. 

So, instead of consuming dairy, you can opt for other healthier options like almond milk or soy milk.

Fried Foods

Are you part of people who like to eat fried foods? Know in advance that these foods can harm your skin a lot. Studies have revealed that consuming too much omega-6 fatty acids can cause acne on the skin, and foods fried in heavy oils can contain a high content of this component. 

Omega 6 is found in several oils of vegetable origin, such as soybean, sunflower, corn and cotton. They are less suitable for preparing meals and can be replaced by coconut or palm oil and olive oil, which have a low amount of this fatty acid.

Very Salty Foods

Salt can even be used to enhance food taste, but with caution. When consumed in excess, it is capable of causing dehydration in the skin, among other problems. To combat water loss, the skin reacts with the overproduction of oil. 

So if you are going to eat salty foods, use them at a moderate level to keep your skin healthy. You are also avoiding processed foods, as these tend to contain high sodium levels.


The end of the year is a time for parties and, with so many celebrations, alcohol intake tends to increase for people who drink. However, alcohol is also a great enemy of the skin.

Excessive consumption leaves the skin dry, which also causes an increase in oil production to compensate for the loss of water. In addition, it also makes you sweat more, which can lead to clogged pores. Replace alcohol with water and fruit juices to fight oily skin!

Sugary Foods

Sugary foods raise your blood glucose levels; they can cause many other types of health problems as well. In addition to harming the body, the skin feels it too! 

Maintaining a diet with a lot of sugar can cause inflammation, which damages and leaves the skin oily. Cut sugar for a healthier life and change your eating habits!

Red Meat

Red meat, such as beef, pork and others, is usually rich in saturated fats, increasing the chances of skin inflammation. This excess inflammation, in turn, can cause oil to build up.

To improve this condition, limit your saturated fat intake by shifting some of your consumption from meat to poultry or fish.

Refined Carbohydrates

Foods high in refined carbohydrates (such as bread, pasta, and white rice) increase the production of IGF-1, a peptide hormone that stimulates growth. However, it can also cause an overproduction of sebum, known as excess sebum.

A simple change in diet, changing the refined ones for the whole ones, already makes a big difference and reduces the chances of having oily skin.

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