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What Skin Do I Have? Here You Can Know

Picking the legitimate consideration items relies on realizing our skin type. In this manner, the skin could be focused on. Choosing the right skin health management items depends on your skin type. Provided that I realize my skin, I will understand what it needs, and really, at that time, can I pick the right items? Skin can be partitioned into four principal groups. We should investigate these gatherings in the below article:

Normal Skin

The vast majority would like this kind of skin; however, it is scant. Contact, it will want to get a ready peach. Delicate, smooth, fragile, and, surprisingly, harsh toward outside assaults. Neither intensity nor sun nor cold can harm it. Ordinary skin has neither imperfections nor more delicate regions and has totally adjusted sebum creation. The dampness balance is fantastic, the pores are sensitive, the skin tone is incredible, and it has no pollution. Treating this intriguing sort of skin with relieving and defensive items to keep it delightful and in one piece over the long haul is prudent.

Oily Skin

Unfortunately, oily skin has excessive sebum production. This production is significant, as it hydrates the skin and keeps it elastic. However, excessive sebum production causes clogged pores, blackheads, and, sometimes, even inflammation, which can also affect the back and décolleté. Especially in adolescence, when hormone production is in full swing, boys suffer from this condition. Oily skin can produce pimples and feel greasy. The benefit of this skin is that it ages less than dry skin. For oily skin care, astringent, mattifying, and light products are recommended.


Acne occurs mainly during puberty and has an unpleasant appearance. In addition to medicinal products, it can be combated by purifying it regularly.

Dry Skin

This type of skin is characterized by delicate, fragile, almost transparent skin. It stands out in

  1. tendency to rosacea, capillaries in evidence
  2. cracks in some more delicate areas
  3. tingling
  4. tension due to a lack of lipids
  5. general sensitivity

An absence of fat and dampness describes dry skin. This, thus, influences the skin’s defensive boundary and corrosive mantle, which is the reason it turns out to be progressively dry skin. This skin type is dazzling quite early in life in light of the fact that, for the most part, not many pimples and flaws happen. In any case, as the years pass, dry skin will become a general flaw. In this way, to forestall wrinkles, it would be helpful to utilize a high sun protection factor. 

In winter, defensive creams against the virus are suggested. Assuming that your skin is inclined toward rosacea, you ought to stay away from the sauna. Skin drying out includes the utilization of rich items. Dry skin needs to begin treatment very early on. At 35 years old, the skin maturing process starts. Anti-maturing things and sunscreens are perfect for dry skin. This can prevent untimely maturation.

Combination Skin

This skin type is a blend of sleek and dry skin. The T-zone is a commonplace illustration of this sort of skin. The T-zone demonstrates the brow, nose, and jaw. The skin in this space is commonly amplified, sleek, and inclined to pollution. The cheeks, in any case, are dry and, to some degree, delicate. For this kind of skin, exceptionally fragile creams are suggested, which furnish the skin with essential dampness without overburdening the focal region of the face.

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