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7 Foods That Are Crucial For Weight Loss

Cast the first stone if you never wanted to lose those pounds for a particular party, for example. The challenge represents more than aesthetics for some, as health comes first. Unfortunately, many people risk their lives in search of the ideal body. Discover in this article which are the main foods to lose weight that can help you win the fight against being overweight in a simple, practical and beneficial way.

Due to the rush of everyday life, we understand that it is not always possible to eat the best foods out there, right? But did you know that common attitudes such as choosing the right foods when shopping is essential so that your plans don’t weigh in the balance?

Seven Weight Loss Foods: 


Among the options we highlight here, oatmeal is one of the most affordable to find. Cereal rich in fiber has valuable advantages such as prolonging the feeling of satiety, improving intestinal functioning, and reducing LDL, the famous lousy cholesterol.

Also, because it provides slow digestion, people who want to dry out a little will love to keep their mouths closed longer. A plus point for oatmeal is that it is one of several foods ingested with fruits and vitamins. Practical,  right?


Children even grown at them, but you who are crazy to lose weight can’t help but put these beauties on your plate. That’s because vegetables like Swiss chard, lettuce and asparagus, and vegetables like carrots and beets are essential foods to lose weight healthily. Due to the lack of fats and the abundance of fibers, the intestine works properly in a quiet, peaceful way.

Also, write down foods like peanuts and peas in the supermarket checklist. The reason is related to the positive amount of protein, which helps burn calories. Amino acids that increase carbohydrates also maintain sugar levels to replenish energy.


Want to have that tiny waist? So count on the pepper (red, preferably) for that! The reason has a name unknown to a large part of the population: Capsaicin. You can rest assured because the benefits are worth it.

This chemical compound speeds up metabolism, eliminating a more significant number of calories (approximately 50 extra a day!) and fat. If consumed correctly and with caution, food still stimulates blood circulation and favors oxygen transport.


It is a herbaceous plant originally from Mexico for those who don’t know very well what chia is. Its importance is related to fibers, fatty acids and proteins. Satiety is one of the first benefits, as it is balanced thanks to the seeds that, by absorbing water, turn into a kind of gel capable of promoting stomach dilation.

Result? Less food consumption. The formation of localized fat is reduced or hampered due to the decrease in blood glucose in the body, that is, zero insulin peaks and glucose released slowly. Excess weight goes a long way!


Full of therapeutic agents, this tuberous root has bactericidal action and improves the performance of the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems. In terms of weight loss, ginger is not far behind, increasing caloric expenditure throughout the metabolism process. In short, he is a great food to lose weight!

Substances found in food raise the temperature and accelerate burning calories by more than 10%. An alternative to including ginger in your diet is to bet on flour produced from skinny slices, tea and capsules available in compounding pharmacies and drugstores.

Nuts And Seeds 

You can’t be modest when talking about the many good things that the daily intake of nuts and chestnuts can bring. Lowering bad cholesterol and triglycerides are just a few. The existence of monounsaturated fats contributes to moderation in the blood sugar level.

Rich in protein, potassium, phosphorus and complete B vitamins, the fight against ageing complements the advantages. The loss of weight and fat located in the belly is possible with the help of fatty acids. The tip is to consume oilseeds before meals so that the body digests slowly; in other words, you feel fuller for longer.


You must be asking yourself: water, food? Yes, for sure! When we refer to this liquid as so precious for our health, it serves as a substance for living beings to carry out their vital functions. There’s no secret!

Drinking water helps with satiety, minimizes (impulsiveness!) cravings for quick snacks, provides energy, all at zero calorie cost. Digestion is still facilitated, and muscle toning is more viable. Keep an eye out for the exact amount per day because not everyone needs to ingest two liters. The calculation is based on multiplying 35ml by your body weight. Therefore, a person weighing 45kg would have to drink 1.5l.

Some Important Tips

– Eat slowly: now that you know which foods to lose weight are, taste each of them. Eating slowly improves the feeling of satiety, as this act, often unconscious, influences a lower consumption of food.

– Sleep well: during the rest period, our body takes the opportunity to increase and regulate hunger-related hormones. Staying awake for a long time (especially at dawn) causes the desire to eat a lot.

– Exercise regularly: leave the laziness aside and invest in selected workouts! This will help burn calories, apart from the optimized physical conditioning.

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