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How To Gain Weight: Healthy Tips To Gain Weight

Do you already know how to gain weight healthily? There is a high percentage of people who are overweight. Despite this, gaining weight clean and quality is very difficult, especially if you have a diet based on natural foods. You must hit calorie, macro, and micronutrient goals and distribute nutrients in several meals throughout the day. This requires dedication, programming, and discipline!

Unless you can afford someone to do everything for you, like paying a nutritionist to prepare the diet, a cook to prepare meals that are always fresh, and a personal trainer to train you.

What Are Lean Mass, Fat Mass, And Muscles

Fat mass is elemental and solely fat. That which accumulates on the back of the arm and moves when we say goodbye, that which remains in the breeches leaving the woman looking like a pear. What stays in the belly and shakes when we jump – there’s no mistaking it!

It turns out that people confuse lean mass with muscle. Lean mass is everything made by the skin, organs, ligaments, vascular system… What is not water or fat can be called lean mass. Muscle, or muscle mass, is just muscle tissue (chest, biceps, triceps, glutes).

How To Get Fat: See Tips To Get Started

In theory, the diet to gain weight is straightforward; we need to consume more calories than our body spends. That is, if you need 2,000 kcal to keep your body working, to be able to carry out all your daily activities and still, at the end of the day, step on the scale and be at the same weight, and to gain weight, you need to eat a diet with 2,500 calories.

This may seem easy to someone who has pizza, ice cream, sodas, and delicious and low-nutrition foods on the menu, but for someone who wants to create healthy habits and has a dry and developed physique, this is a challenge.

That’s because your diet should be, as we call it, “clean” – that is, free from ultra-processed foods. The fewer processed foods and the more natural or minimally processed foods, the more significant your gains and development.

Ah, yes, eating more than we spend is very important, but there is a fundamental detail: exercises that help you gain and maintain weight by increasing and maintaining muscle mass. You can’t gain muscle without a strength training/weight training routine. It would help if you exercised, so that excess calories are used to build muscle mass.

How To Gain Weight: Check Out The Main Foods

The foods that will help you gain dry weight are all-natural, such as vegetables (all of them), meats, chicken, eggs, fish, milk, and derivatives; bread, pasta, extra virgin olive oil, fruits, and oilseeds.

But if you have any dietary limitations, like vegetarians and vegans, don’t worry; you can too. The point is that you need to be more careful in your choices, especially proteins.

The vegan diet should bet on cereals, oilseeds, and legumes as the majority source of this nutrient. In addition to the quality of food (whether natural or industrialized), we still need to pay attention to the quantity consumed. One of the great difficulties of those who can’t gain weight is hitting the goal of the required calories per day.

The amount of food eaten is a matter of habit. Underweight people usually have a kind of natural limitation regarding eating. The feeling of satiety or hunger is regulated by the hypothalamus, located at the base of the brain and responsible for making us seek or refuse food.

Physical Activity

High-intensity workouts can produce different reactions. In some people, they can whet your appetite, but in others, they can cause an anorectic effect. If you lose your wish after your workout, don’t worry; try to rest and relax. You’ll feel hungry by lowering your adrenaline levels so that you can splurge on healthy, nutrient-dense foods like rice, beans, meat, and salads.

Do Not Drink Liquids During Solid Meals

Organize your meals so that you add liquid meals with food as ingredients when possible – you will need a blender to blend fruit, oatmeal, milk, and peanuts and make a homemade high calorie.

Try to reconcile the “pleasure of eating” aspects as much as possible with “food rich in nutrients.” As tasty as they are, you can’t live on fast food; they have no nutrients and only calories.

Sometimes, “fit” or trendy foods get in the way of gaining muscle mass. This is because they may contain fewer calories than good quality “traditional” foods.

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