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Lose Weight In A Healthy Way: Tips

Promises of speedy weight loss with fad diets. Restrictions of different food groups in daily meals. Prolonged fasts. These are totally “miraculous” formulas. Slimming supplements are sold as the latest breakthrough on the market. Are these effective ways to lose weight through a healthy diet

First, it is necessary to understand the context in which such solutions considered infallible appear with increasing frequency. These and other data are present in the study Surveillance of Risk and Protection Factors for Chronic Diseases by Telephone Survey, in its most recent edition, 2017. 

Research numbers also show that it is still far from the goal set by the World Health Organization (WHO), which aims to reduce physical inactivity worldwide by 15% by the year 2030. 

On the one hand, the overweight and sedentary population – due to several factors, especially those familiar with modern life, such as stress, lack of time, and the many hours spent in front of electronic equipment such as cell phones, tablets, and computers. On the other hand, diets and solutions offer unbelievable results, but they often worsen the situation and trigger problems such as the accordion effect and food compulsion. 

Given this scenario, is it possible to seek an effective weight loss for the body and beneficial for the body? 

How To Lose Weight Healthily And Keep It Off?

The answer to the previous question is yes. The benefits of weight reduction are many, but, after all, how to lose weight in a healthy and lasting way? Nutritional education is the key. 

Food reeducation, combined with physical activities, is the first and most crucial step toward reducing body weight. The impact is favorable for those looking for a healthy weight and those around them, such as family members and children. The childhood stage is when we start to create habits that can last for adult life. When a child is introduced to healthy eating and practices from an early age, they are more likely to maintain them as adults. 

The guidance of a specialized professional is essential in creating a new food routine, as he is the one who will assess the specific needs of each person in the search for balance on the scale. Some general tips can already help a lot in this new and vital step towards a healthier body:

Tips On How To Lose Weight In A Healthy And Lasting Way

  1. Consume foods rich in fiber to prolong the feeling of satiety;
  2. Always drink lots of water;
  3. Beware of prolonged fasting, which can end up triggering binge eating;
  4. Avoid restrictive diets;
  5. Make varied and balanced dishes: the more color on the plate, the greater the chance that it will be very nutritious.

Healthy Weight Loss And Its Benefits For The Body

Far beyond reducing measures and consequent improvement of self-esteem, healthy weight loss brings several other benefits. The list is long and includes, for example, sleep quality gain, stress relief, more beautiful skin and hair due to more effective blood circulation, reduced body swelling, and increased immunity, among other aspects. 

Laboratory indicators are also positively altered with healthy weight loss: cholesterol, triglycerides, and other markers re-approach the normal limits, returning health. In addition, the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, orthopedic problems, varicose veins, and diabetes, among other conditions, is also significantly reduced.

How To Adopt A Healthy Diet?

The help of specialized professionals is significant from the beginning. The endocrinologist, for example, will carry out a series of clinical and physical examinations to assess whether, in addition to overweight – or even obesity – there is any other associated disease. With this information in hand, it is possible to offer a more global approach, with the patient knowing their actual medical conditions. 

The nutritionist has a fundamental role in this aspect. Evaluating case by case, he is the one who will indicate, in a personalized way, what each needs to eat to lose weight in a healthy way and without the risk of gaining all the lost weight again. He is also of paramount importance in monitoring the patient in his new routine, advising on adopting healthy habits in everyday life, and helping with doubts and adaptations.

Inserting physical activities among the new customs is also essential. The practice of exercise eliminates once and for all the risks of a sedentary lifestyle, brings more disposition and concentration, and is of great value in fat loss and subsequent weight maintenance. This article presents some exercise tips to do according to your weight.

Healthily losing weight is possible, and it’s much less complicated than it may seem. It doesn’t require actual food juggling to achieve the goal – quite the opposite. The extra weight will be left behind with discipline and self-care and will turn into much tastier days full of vitality and physical and mental health. Don’t leave the search for solutions for later because your body deserves all the attention! 

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