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Seven Natural Remedies To Strengthen Nails

Luckily, mother nature comes to our aid, so we can strengthen our nails and keep them strong in a completely natural way. In general, it is enough to have a healthy lifestyle and follow some good habits, taking care to put them into practice every day. So here are seven natural remedies to strengthen your nails.

Minimize Contact With Water

Water is a life source and essential for hydrating the entire body. It, therefore, plays a decisive role in counteracting dryness, but too much can be harmful, as often happens. In this case, the nails could be affected if kept for some time soaking in water that is too hot or too cold. Therefore, the advice is to reduce contact as much as possible and use gloves.

Pay Attention To Aesthetic Nail Treatments

Nail polishes, especially semi-permanent ones, can damage your nails in the long run. They could appear fragile and opaque and risk easily breaking or flaking. However, it is unnecessary to give up their application altogether. Instead, it is enough to take some precautions. For example, make sure you use quality products, and remove the nail polish with a non-acetone remover, leaving a few days between applications. Eventually, you could opt for a transparent nail polish with a strengthening action.

Use Your Fingertips Instead Of Your Nails

Especially when they’re a bit long, it’s almost natural to pry with your nails to open cans or other small objects. In reality, this action weakens the nails and favors their breakage. To protect them, use your fingertips.

Always Moisturize Your Nails

This advice is intended for both hands and nails. This part of the body needs constant hydration because they come into contact with countless objects, surfaces, wind, rain, and cold. All the factors listed reduce the expected levels of hydration of the skin, drying it out. Then apply a good moisturizer on the nails by massaging gently and repeat several times a day or when appropriate.

Follow A Balanced Diet

Brittle nails are also the result of an unbalanced diet lacking nutrients necessary for the excellent health of the body (nails included), such as vitamins and mineral salts. So try to minimize fast meals without, for example, fruit and vegetables. Instead, prepare courses that include proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables, and fruit (among the foods richest in vitamins and mineral salts).

Avoid Aggressive Products

This applies to both hand sanitizers and household cleaners. More often than not, they contain chemicals that can cause brittle nails. Therefore, at the time of purchase, choose the products carefully and protect your hands and nails by wearing gloves.

Keep Your Nails Short

This simple trick will help reduce the risk of your nails breaking or chipping. 

What Nutrients For Weak Nails Supplement

The nutrients naturally contained in the foods we consume promote the growth and development of nails. Magnesium and zinc, for example, are among the mineral salts that perform these functions; below, we see which of the leading vitamins for nails should be integrated to strengthen their structure:

  1. The B vitamins: Vitamin B12 plays an essential role in the absorption of iron, which is needed to keep nails strong, while vitamin B9 contributes to the excellent health of the nail structure. Biotin, on the other hand, promotes healthy cell growth and helps strengthen brittle nails. This B-group vitamin is present in foods such as avocados, salmon, dairy products, dried fruit, and sweet potatoes or can be taken through specific supplements.
  2. Vitamin C: Deficiency of this vitamin causes brittle nails and a slowdown in their growth. It is essential for producing collagen, a protein that helps strengthen nails and hair. Not being produced by the body, vitamin C must be taken in through the diet (citrus fruits are rich in it) or through supplements.

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