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The Benefits Of Sustainable Weight Loss

Taking a sensible approach to weight loss means you’ll find it easier to maintain weight in the long run. Another day and another new fast weight loss plan appear on your social network, promising overnight success.

Clever marketing and dramatic “before” and “after” images can be persuasive, luring people with the idea of ​​a “perfect body” in just a few weeks. But the problem with quick fixes is that they often don’t talk about what happens next: there is a real risk of regaining all that weight – and then some!

Because Slow Is Better

There are many physical and psychological benefits to losing weight slowly. This allows for flexibility, so you don’t have to sacrifice your dates with friends or that glass of wine on a Friday night. For weight loss to be sustainable long-term, it must adapt to your lifestyle.

You often lose muscle and fat when you lose weight fast through fasting or severe calorie restriction. When you lose weight slowly, you can preserve your lean muscle mass, which keeps your metabolism up as you lose weight.

Accordion Effect And Restrictions

It is worth noting that the longer you experience the accordion effect, the harder it is to lose weight in the future. When you try to get results too quickly, you can slow down your metabolism by losing that muscle mass, making it harder to lose weight the next time you try.

Another significant risk of fasting or restrictive dieting is not getting adequate nutrition. Deficient calorie diets are also low in nutrients. Vitamin and mineral supplementation is necessary and can help, but it is never as good as getting nutrients from food.

Get Ready To Win

No Olympic champion has ever broken a world record on their first attempt. And neither should you expect to make significant strides in your physical condition overnight. Instead, give yourself time to improve slowly and gradually physically. Athletes build their foundations and work on their core strength and movement patterns.

For example, instead of trying to lift 50 kg on your first visit to the gym, work on your stability and posture, which will make the exercise more enjoyable and help prevent injury. It is possible to get some early results and celebrate small victories. The first month can be tricky, but it is half the challenge. And keep in mind that your goal is to change your lifestyle, not just your clothing size.

Keeping Up The Pace

While slimming down on the scales is refreshing, if you’ve been struggling to lose weight, look for confirmation that you’re on the right path in your new healthy lifestyle. Higher energy levels, better night’s sleep, or less back pain are all signs that results are showing.

Remember: a slight loss can give you a few more years on the planet. We know that even a five percent reduction in body weight can be significant for lowering blood cholesterol and glucose levels.

It’s about learning to love healthy foods in a new way, embracing exercise and new transformational tools.

We are ‘bombarded’ with images of almost perfect people in various media. And the search for the unreachable (and unreal) is more common than ever. Here are the three most common scenarios and how to overcome them.

Trap 1: The Skinny Friend

You’ve lost weight this week, and you’re feeling great. But he found that friend who underwent a significant transformation and immediately thought, ‘I will never be like that. Goodbye, good humor, and intelligent decisions when choosing something on the menu.

What to do: Focus on your plan. Don’t let a pointless comparison steal your joy. Losing weight and seeing your body change is exciting. Each organism acts in a way, so each has time to visualize this evidence in the mirror. Your time will come!

Trap 2: The Watchers’ Friend

You and your friend arrived at Weight Watchers and soon reached weight loss goals together. But now you’ve stabilized, and he’s still losing weekly weight. Why don’t they have the same success?

What to do: Remember that every journey is different. Weekly losses depend on several factors. But if you’re still struggling to understand this, talk to the Coach; he will have good advice. Maybe you need to focus on monitoring more or increase your activity levels. Getting on the right track is the only natural way to discover what’s happening.

Trap 3: The Complete Stranger

You went to the gym every time you planned this week. He’s motivated like never before and ready to start another training day. Until the most famous person in the place arrives, with his muscular body and friendliness, parading. You get discouraged, give up the activity in the middle and go Home.

What to do:  You started right. So take a deep breath and continue. If you feel distracted, listen to the music that excites you the most and remember how you’ve improved since your first workout. You didn’t get this far by giving up at the first hurdle! Nobody is perfect; if you do your best, you will get where you want to be healthily and happily. 

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