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When To Drink Tea And Herbal Teas: The Best Time For Each Type

Tea and herbal teas are a real panacea for our health and an excellent habit for well-being. However, there are also more suitable times to drink tea during the day; let’s find out what they are.

First Morning And Breakfast

Considering that tea contains theine and can increase energy levels, it is advisable to always drink it in the morning after having munched something (for example, toast or biscuits). The most suitable are the green and the black ones, as they contain enough theine to give energy, also replacing traditional coffee. We recommend:

  1. English Breakfast: a classic blend of black teas, solid and full-bodied.
  2. Ceylon Black Tea: black tea from Sri Lanka, round and full-bodied but also elegant and aromatic.
  3. Vanilla Black Tea: black tea with the sweet aroma of vanilla, a strong taste, and an intense and enveloping flavor.
  4. Berries Black Tea: Ceylon black tea with the sweet scent of berries. 

After Meals

Furthermore, tea is an excellent ally and support for the digestive system, perfect after meals but above all to give energy when we still have half the day to face. You can choose between:

  1. Fennel and Licorice: a blend of herbs with a sweet and harmonious taste
  2. Winter Rose: A smooth blend of bancha green and Chinese rose tea enriched with sunflower petals and fruity aromas.
  3. Bacha Fiorito: a Blend of green teas with a light and fruity flavor.
  4. Fior di Zagara: a wildly fragrant blend with a Mediterranean flavor. Chinese black tea is enriched with citrus peel and orange blossom and balanced and sweet.
  5. Earl Imperial Tea: high-mountain Indian black tea scented with bergamot. 

During The Day

If you still want to drink something that can be good for your body between one snack and another, an excellent herbal infusion is ideal; it helps to lose weight, purify, and detoxify the body. Otherwise, we recommend a good cup of green tea, which is natural, light, and ideal for giving you some energy. Among these, you will find:

  1. Natural Detox: A purifying infusion of herbs and citrus green tea
  2. Marrakech Mint Tea: A traditional blend of Chinese green tea and mint leaves with Moroccan mint’s sweet and unmistakable scent. Tea for travelers
  3. Romeo & Juliet: a romantic blend of green teas, papaya, strawberry, and rose petals with a sweet and fruity aroma. For dreamers and lovers.
  4. Lemon Green Tea: Chinese green tea is rich in antioxidants and has a fresh lemon aroma.
  5. Green Tea: Chinese green tea is rich in antioxidants and has a citrus bergamot flavor.
  6. Organic Ginger Lemon Herbal Infusion: This Classic caffeine-free herbal tea combines the spicy flavor of ginger with the strong taste of lemon, creating a lively, pleasant, and fragrant blend.
  7. NO STRESS Organic Herbal Infusion: Herbal tea, based on lemon balm, an herb appreciated for its citrusy and sweet taste, is considered a natural anti-stress. 

The Evening

You could also have a cup of tea before going to sleep. However, the side effect is that this may not be beneficial to your sleep due to the caffeine. So, for the evening, we recommend herbal tea, such as flower herbal teas or tea-free infusions, which help you calm down and sleep better. Among which:

  1. Ninna Nanna: a Blend of herbs with a sweet and fruity taste.
  2. Chamomile: Chamomile has a sweet flavor and relaxing properties.
  3. Wild Berries: a mixture of wild berries, karkadè, and dog rose. Fruity and spicy taste. Without caffeine.
  4. Herbal and Green Tea Infusion: a Blend of green tea and herbs with relaxing properties.
  5. Peach and Apple: a blend of karkadé, dog rose, apple, orange peel, and natural peach flavor. Without caffeine.
  6. Orange, Cinnamon, and Vanilla: a mixture of fruits, citrus peel, karkadé, and dog rose Without caffeine.

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