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Lose Weight Fast: 5 Myths And Truths About Controlling Your Cravings

Lose weight fast is the dream of many overweight people. However, miraculous and miraculous strategies, which promise incredible results in a few days, are often dangerous. Some even work for a period, but, in the end, they end up in the accordion effect: the person loses weight quickly and gains weight right away. This is because these diets are usually very aggressive and unsustainable. Not to mention the risks they can cause to health.

However, after the Covid-19 pandemic forced people to spend more time indoors, away from everyday activities, the trend is that this number has increased even more. And one of the main factors responsible for excessive weight gain is the rampant consumption of sweets, which can also contribute to the development of diabetes.

“Firstly, to control the desire to eat sweets, the idea is to have a balanced, varied and, preferably, as natural food habit as possible. Composed of meals such as a good breakfast, an adequate lunch, dinner and, eventually, snacks that don’t have sweets with added sugar

That sugar is one of the main villains of a healthy diet; many people must already know. It is even expected that, in the popular imagination, some drastic and magical “solutions” appear to reduce substance consumption. But do they work? Check out the analysis 

1 – Eating Sweets After Meals Is A Good Strategy – Myth

“The habit of eating sweets and, particularly, those with added sugars, always after a big meal, is a food mistake that we acquired since childhood. It is a bad eating habit which must be gradually removed from the dietary pattern. Of people”, says the doctor.

2 – Replacing Industrialized Sweets With Fruits, Nuts And Chestnuts Is Worth It – Truth

However, as the specialist mentioned, it is a behavior that needs to be withdrawn gradually. Eliminating the consumption of sweets overnight will hardly bring good results in the long run. “The idea is to eat sweet foods that do not have added sugar, such as fruits, dried fruits and even a tiny piece of chocolate, which has at least 70% cocoa in its composition

3 – Cutting Down On Sweets Can Help Curb Cravings – Myth

Eating a little candy to satisfy a punctual craving – as long as it’s something very occasional – won’t cause great harm. However, the risk is to turn this into a habit. “Whenever we consume foods rich in sugars and refined carbohydrates, there is, right after consumption, a spike in insulin that remains for a few hours. Soon after this, insulin drops, the blood glucose drops, and the person feels compelled to eat more sweets. It turns into a vicious cycle, which makes the person want to eat sweets without stopping”, explains the doctor.

4 – Some Foods Reduce The Compulsion For Sweets – Truth

In addition to replacing industrialized sweets with sweetened and natural options, as we saw in the second item, another good alternative is to bet on foods rich in tryptophan, such as bananas, chicken breast, peanuts and beans. “Tryptophan is an amino acid precursor of serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for the sensation of pleasure. Low circulating levels of serotonin in the nervous system can cause a person to have food compulsion, particularly for hyperpalatable foods – rich in sugars and refined flours. “, says the expert.

5 – Complex Carbohydrates Reduce The Craving For Sweets – Truth

Even if salty, excessive consumption of bread and pasta causes reactions similar to the rampant consumption of sweets. This is because, within our body, all these foods are considered simple carbohydrates of low complexity and rapid absorption. Replacing these ingredients with complex carbohydrates, such as oatmeal, vegetables, tubers and fruits, can curb the desire to eat sweets during the day. “This will make the person feel satiated for a longer time. And they won’t have great needs to ingest sweets throughout the day”,

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