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Five Benefits Of Malic Acid That Improve Your Fitness

Malic acid is present in fruits with a more acidic flavor and contributes to the proper functioning of your body. 

What Is Malic Acid

It is natural and is found mainly in fruits with a more acidic flavor and their derivatives. Some examples cited by the nutritionist to include in your diet are:

  • Grape
  • Apples
  • Pear
  • Bananas
  • unripe cherries
  • unripe tomatoes

What Is It For

The nutritionist also points out that malic acid helps to strengthen immunity and fight fatigue.

Five Benefits Of Malic Acid

five significant benefits generated by the consumption of malic acid. Are they:

  • Reduced fatigue and increased muscular endurance: Nutri explained that “proper consumption of foods that contain malic acid help the body to generate energy aerobically, reducing the production and accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles.”
  • Prevents heart disease: “malic acid and citric acid have anti-inflammatory effects and therefore protect against heart problems such as myocardial ischemia.”
  • Helps to treat fibromyalgia: muscle pain is the main complaint of patients with fibromyalgia and, according to the nutritionist, “the use of acid associated with magnesium may be recommended to assist in the treatment of the disease.”
  • Stimulates the production of saliva: Xerostomia is a disease in which little or no saliva is produced.  “Malic acid can be used as a salivary stimulant, especially when combined with fluorides and xylitol.”
  • Prevents kidney stones: “malic acid, in the body, comes before citrate. This is responsible for preventing the accumulation of calcium in the kidneys, which causes kidney stones.” .

These are five benefits provided by the consumption of this acid. Keep following the article to know the best way to ingest and if there are contraindications.

How To Consume Malic Acid

Nutri explained that the safest way to consume malic acid is through food. She stressed that the ideal is maintaining a healthy diet with various fruits and vegetables.  “there are still no complete studies on the best time and the acceptable daily intake (ADI) of the substance”, hence the importance of a varied diet.

Malic Acid Contraindications

there are no side effects or contraindications for malic acid consumption. “What can happen in the case of excess intake are stomach and intestinal discomforts, such as stomach pain, nausea and diarrhea.”

Now you know that malic acid is found naturally in fruits and vegetables. Talk to your nutritionist to create a healthy and balanced menu together. 

Six Benefits Of Citrus Fruits

Fruits considered citrus, those with citric acid in their composition, bring a series of benefits when consumed regularly. “One of the most commented benefits is about the improvement of immunity, which is mainly due to the vitamin C content”,  He checks out six benefits of citrus fruits:

Improved Immunity

Vitamin C, in large amounts in citrus fruits, increases the production of white blood cells, which are part of the immune system.

Assist In Rejuvenation

They are rich in antioxidants, which fight free radicals responsible for cell aging.

Prevent Heart Disease

Due to its large amount of antioxidants, it protects against heart disease.

Helps Fight Cancer

Citrus fruits contain flavonoids, which slow the growth of cancer cells and tumors.

Assists In Weight Loss

The consumption of citrus fruits within a healthy diet contributes to weight loss.

Improves Skin And Hair Health

Vitamin C is necessary for forming collagen, a protein that gives skin firmness and elasticity. These powerful fruits are allies in preventing and fighting diseases and excellent in improving our well-being. Please include them in your diet and see all the benefits.

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