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Learn About Plant-Based Food & Its Benefits For The Body

Have you heard about plant-based? This eating style has become much sought after in recent times and for several reasons, the main one being the search for a healthier and nutrient-rich diet. Because of this, we present to you what it is and the benefits of adopting this type of food.

What Is Plant-Based

Plant-based or plant-based, in a free translation, is a style of eating whose foundation is that the basis of your food comes from the earth. According to nutritionist and health coach Fernanda Mello, plant-based food consists of centering food in natural and plant-based foods. So an average of 3/4 of your plate comes from plant sources.

An important detail of plant-based food is that it does not necessarily end with the consumption of animal protein. However, the issue is proportionality, where most food will be of plant origin. In this way, others will either be reduced or even not included, but that depends on each person who adopts this diet.

Features Of The Plant-Based Menu

As simple as adopting a more decadent vegetable dish, the plant-based dish has attributes that make it accessible to everyone. So, check out the main features of this eating style and see how easy it is to include it in your daily life.

Prioritization of plant-based ingredients: plant-based is based on a dish in which most elements come from the earth. Therefore, the priority is on fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, legumes, etc. According to nutritionist Fernanda, the focus should also be on choosing foods according to seasons and harvests.

Consciously sourced animal foods: as this type of diet does not exclude ingredients from animal sources, the origin of this food must be observed. Therefore, choose animals raised and treated ethically, preferring organic, free-range, and antibiotic-free whenever possible.

It has variations: this plant-based eating style is flexible and has variants, some well known as vegetarian in its variations, vegan, flexitarian (occasional consumption of foods of animal origin), and omnivorous (who consumes foods of animal and plant origin).

The main principle of plant-based food is to prioritize what comes from the earth, rich in nutrients and consistent with a more sustainable format. For Fernanda, we must mainly be aware of the connection between the source of our food and how it will nourish our body and mind.

Benefits Of The Plant-Based Diet

Every day our body demands more awareness of the way we eat. The hectic routine and lack of a balanced diet can generate serious health problems. Therefore, adopting plant-based food can be a way to balance our need for nutrients. Here are some of the benefits of this diet:

Abundance Of Vitamins

This menu is rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, and other elements as a diet that prioritizes ingredients from the earth. Therefore, you start to nourish your body better, which generates more health and energy.

Prevention Of Diseases

nature is the most modern pharmacy in preventing diabetes, dyslipidemia, and cancer. Therefore, adopting a plant-based diet helps prevent various diseases due to its high nutritional component and reduced processed foods.

Cholesterol Regulation

More nutrients and fewer industrialized ingredients lead to significant benefits, such as improving cholesterol. Although there are fats in plant-based food, these fats are healthy and consumed through nuts, avocado, acai, seeds (chia, flaxseed, hemp, pumpkin), and oils (coconut, sesame, olive oil, avocado).

Antioxidant And Anti-Inflammatory

Plant-based food can include seaweed such as nori leaf, kombu, spirulina, and arame. According to studies, there is a positive relationship between its bioactive components and antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial functions

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