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Bad Eating Habits You Need To Change Today

With an increasingly accelerated work routine and studies, some bad eating habits, in the long term, can harm health. In this sense, the most common symptoms of a poor diet are lack of quality sleep, stress, slow digestion, obesity, hormonal imbalance, hypertension, the propensity to metabolic syndrome, and many others.

Terrible eating habits sensitize the immune system, leaving the individual more susceptible to diseases.

Some foods are typical of winter. Hot chocolate is probably the most prominent example of sweets and pasta. So, one trick is to look for healthier options for these foods.

For example,  hot chocolate can be exchanged for a healthier version, using skim milk and light chocolate. If you like tea, it’s an even better option.

Also, if you like sweets, you can exchange the options with whipped cream, chocolate, and other caloric ingredients for fruit-based sweets.

However, it is essential to manage sweets even so. Ideally, do not go over once a week. On the other hand, eating fruit every day is an excellent tip.

It is also worth betting on foods rich in fiber. Not only do they help the intestines to function well, but they also increase the feeling of satiety. So you end up eating less.

Therefore, knowing the benefits of a  healthy diet is essential to improve the quality of life. First, you must learn bad habits and get them out of your routine for good. Come on?

Replace Industrialized Juices And Soft Drinks With Water

It is common for most people to opt for industrialized juices due to the “false” impression of ingesting natural ingredients. The famous “juice boxes” hide a high sugar content and open the door to increased cholesterol levels.

Along with soda, they not only promote an exacerbated sugar intake but also contribute to dehydration.

Therefore, the healthier alternative is to replace these bad eating habits with greater water consumption. The idea is to consume 2 liters daily to maintain the body’s functions perfectly.

Avoid Distractions During Meals And Chew Slowly

Undeniably, we check out social media whenever we have little time. This happens mainly during meals. However, while it is tempting to check social media or watch television while eating, this practice should be avoided. By getting distracted during this process, we may ignore how we chew and ingest a more significant amount of food.

The body has a waiting time of up to 20 minutes to understand that it is being satiated. Therefore, when chewing in a hurry, the body does not understand the information immediately and can increase the feeling that it is necessary to eat more in a short period.

It is estimated that people who eat slowly eat 30% less during meals.

Assemble More Colorful Dishes

Dishes of a single color indicate that several nutrients are being left out of the diet. They can assist in the immune system, in faster healing processes, disposition during physical activities, and promote a good response in disease prevention.

In this case,  a colorful diet is ideal for obtaining the nutrients necessary for health maintenance. Assemble your plate with foods with the following colors: 

  • Green (vegetables and vegetables);
  • Orange (carrots, pumpkin);
  • Red (tomato, strawberry);
  • Yellow (corn, banana, mango);
  • White (rice, oats, cauliflower);
  • Black (beans, jabuticaba);
  • Purple (eggplant, red cabbage).

Above all, it is essential to avoid fast food as much as possible. They contain high caloric value and are low in nutritional value. It is common for the willingness to cook to disappear in the middle of the week due to tiredness. When this happens, the temptation for fast food is uncontrollable, making adopting healthier eating habits more difficult.

Consuming high-fat foods can compromise not only sleep but also the productivity of the next day. In this case, it’s worth replacing it with an omelet or a quick-to-prepare salad, which doesn’t take as much time.

Having increasingly healthy habits makes all the difference in the quality of life, delaying the emergence of diseases and providing longevity.

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