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How To Have A Balanced And Healthy Breakfast

We often neglect breakfast, a meal that, on the contrary, can provide us with all the energy we need to face long days, study, or work. It has always been known that ” healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but is this the case? 

  1. Breakfast, because it is a fundamental meal
  2. How many calories to introduce with breakfast
  3. Diet and breakfast
  4. Healthy breakfast, how to make it
  5. Sweet breakfast, examples
  6. Savory breakfast, examples
  7. Hood and brioche, because it’s not a healthy breakfast
  8. Brunch and surroundings, how to orient yourself
  9. Examples of balanced brunch

Breakfast, Because It Is A Fundamental Meal

Breakfast is a whole meal, as it is necessary to be able to introduce energy after an overnight fast and face the day with strength and clarity. Another advantage of consuming a complete breakfast is reaching the next meal with greater satiety, thus avoiding the occurrence of a voracious hunger that could lead to consuming excessive calories. Some studies have observed that those who skip breakfast have a greater tendency to be overweight and obese than those who regularly eat breakfast.

How Many Calories To Introduce With Breakfast

Breakfast should provide about 15% of the calories of your daily requirement. For example, for an energy requirement of 2000 kcal, breakfast should provide about 300 kcal.

Diet And Breakfast

Diet and breakfast, how to behave? If you follow a weight loss diet, breakfast consumption is essential. Since you already consume fewer calories than you need, you would risk arriving at lunch with excessive hunger and a consequent unbalanced meal.  The guidelines do not change compared to those relating to a maintenance diet: even, in this case, breakfast should provide about 15% energy compared to the total for the day.

Healthy Breakfast, How To Make It

The rules for a healthy and balanced breakfast require that it includes all the macronutrients:

  1. complex carbohydrates and sugars;
  2. fibers;
  3. proteins;
  4. fat.

 It is essential to prefer healthy, unrefined, unsweetened foods and to avoid or limit packaged foods. For example, biscuits and snacks for breakfast should be limited as much as possible as they would mainly provide simple sugars and few other nutrients. 

Sweet Breakfast, Examples

The ” best breakfast, “whether sweet or salty, is the one that eats more willingly and satisfies us the most, always looking for a compromise between taste and health. Here are some examples of a healthy, sweet, and tasty breakfast:

  1. milk for breakfast: partially skimmed milk with whole meal rusks, jam, nuts, and fresh fruit 
  2. porridge for breakfast: made with milk, oat flakes and garnished with fresh fruit and nuts or chocolate ;
  3. yogurt for breakfast: plain yogurt with whole grains or muesli, protein muesli, and fresh fruit.

Savory Breakfast, Examples

The savory breakfast, if appreciated, could be an excellent alternative to the sweet breakfast. Here are some examples of healthy salty breakfasts:

  1. salty porridge: made with water or milk, oat flakes, vegetables, oil, and a protein of your choice among eggs, cheese, tuna, or other;
  2. toast: toasted whole meal bread with low-fat cream cheese and scrambled eggs;
  3. Bruschetta: bruschetta with cherry tomatoes, oil, and tuna.

Hood And Brioche, Because It’s Not A Healthy Breakfast

For those who prefer a sweet breakfast, having breakfast at the bar with cappuccino and brioche is often not a healthy choice! Before evaluating why, let’s make an essential premise: even if it is not healthy, breakfast with hood and brioche can occasionally be included in one’s diet. Why can’t the one with hood and brioche be considered a healthy breakfast? Because brioche is food that tends to be rich in sugars and saturated fats, it is also low in fiber and protein. If consumed often, it involves an excessive intake of sugars and saturated fats and a lower sense of satiety due to the glycemic spikes and drops that occur after a predominantly sugary meal, with consequent hunger that induces mess during the whole morning.

Brunch And Surroundings, How To Orient Yourself

The ” brunch ” is the meal that adds “breakfast” and “lunch,” that is, breakfast and lunch. It is a relatively abundant breakfast, which tends to include both sweet and savory dishes. It is typically consumed in the late morning, thus making breakfast and lunch coincide. It is a good solution when you wake up later than usual, for example, on the weekend, but be careful with the quantities. Very often, thinking of having to consume two meals in one, we tend to exaggerate, always follow the sense of satiety, and prefer healthy and nutritious foods.

Examples Of Balanced Brunch :

  1. avocado toast with squeezed juice and yogurt with fresh fruit;
  2. toast with salmon, a slice of cake, and fresh fruit;
  3. toast with oil, pancakes with jam, and fresh fruit

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