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Benefits Of Oats For Our Health, A Natural Cure-All For Skin & Hair Too

A real panacea for our health, oats can also nourish the skin and strengthen the hair—all you need to know about a truly great cereal.

Oat Benefits –

Oats are a genuinely great cereal, food to be included regularly in your diet.

Compared to other cereals, including wheat and barley, oats, even when processed, keep the bran and germ intact, the parts most rich in nutritional properties and cardioprotective substances: in fact, we are studying how much saponins and phytic acid, two components of oats may play an essential role in cancer prevention. The presence of anti-inflammatory avenanthramides also prevents the development of cancerous cells. It is also rich in protein.

Beneficial Effects Of Oats –

A faithful ally of the liver, intestines, and nervous system, oats are also a helpful food in case of depression, nervousness, insomnia, and stress. In the latter case, it is the perfect food for students during the period of exams and athletes.

Properties And Benefits Of  Oats –

But let’s see in detail what are the nutritional properties of oats and their health benefits :

  • First, oats contain slow-digesting carbohydrates that make this cereal an energy food.
  • It has a high amount of fiber capable of promoting digestion and the proper functioning of the intestine.
  • The fibers composed in oats also play an essential role in reducing cholesterol levels, especially beta-glucan, a type of soluble fiber. They are, in fact, able to counteract the “bad cholesterol”: the fibers are not absorbed quickly but remain in the intestine, counteracting the absorption of sugars and cholesterol. Beta-glucan also helps us to strengthen the immune system.
  • It reduces blood pressure, thanks to the production of nitric acid and a very effective vasodilatory action.
  • Oats are also rich in essential amino acids, necessary for forming proteins, mineral salts such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron, and vitamins B, C, and E. In particular, lysine, essential for protein synthesis, makes oats a perfect food, especially for those who follow a vegetarian and vegan diet.
  • In addition, oats contain starch, proteins, unsaturated fats, the so-called “good fats,” and have a low glycemic index, making them a suitable food for diabetes.
  • It favors the rebalancing of the bacterial flora and relieves any inflammatory phenomena affecting the mucosa.
  • The phenolic compounds of oats also have a high antioxidant and anticancer power.
  • On the other hand, Avenin can provide energy and rebalance the nervous system, prevent osteoporosis, and have beneficial effects on diabetes.
  • Oats are also a panacea, even in the thyroid gland, thanks to the high calcium content.
  • Easily digestible, oats can be taken by those suffering from gastritis or colitis and is food also indicated in case of diabetes as it contains few carbohydrates.
  • To all these benefits are added the slimming properties of oats: the cereal is a perfect food for those who must follow a low-calorie diet as it provides a sense of satiety. Perfect oat flakes to be included in your daily diet.
  • A panacea not only for our health but also for our beauty: oats can nourish the skin and make it softer. Dissolve some oat milk in the bath water to get this benefit. And that’s not all: oats also have positive effects on the scalp and can strengthen the hair.

Contraindications Of Oats –

  • If oats have not been contaminated with other cereals during the processing process, they can also be taken by celiacs and those intolerant to gluten.
  • The intake of this cereal can determine intestinal gas production, which can cause bloating. Therefore, it is reasonable to introduce oats into the diet and chew them well gradually. Excessive consumption could also cause kidney stones to form.

How To Eat Oats –

You can find oats in flakes, flour, and milk on the market. In particular, oat flakes are perfect for breakfast, with soups and soups, and to make homemade cookies even tastier. Oat milk, on the other hand, is ideal for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Oats can also make smoothies and salads and can be enjoyed with yogurt.

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