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Find The Right Nutrition Plan For Your Goal

Are you pursuing a specific goal, such as losing weight or building muscle? Or do you want to try a new diet such as low carb or vegan? Regardless of your goal, there is no getting around a well-structured nutrition plan tailored to you. We’ll show you why it makes sense to create a nutrition plan and give you free examples.

Get inspiration for your new nutrition plan in our recipe collection. Muscle building, losing weight, vegan, vegetarian, lactose- or gluten-free – here you will find everything you need to create your nutrition plan.

Muscle Building Nutrition Plan

The overall energy balance is essential for a nutritional plan for building muscle. The body can produce additional muscle substances with a calorie surplus of 300-500 kcal. In addition, the proportion of carbohydrates in the diet can be increased to 50-60% to maintain the progressive increase in strength in fitness training and thus support muscle building. In addition to carbohydrates, proteins play a crucial role in muscle-building training. You can only build muscle mass effectively and in the long term with an adequate protein intake .

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Lose Weight Diet Plan

The peculiarity of a diet plan for losing weight lies mainly in the total calorie intake. Only with a negative energy balance (calorie deficit of 300-500 kcal) is it possible to reduce body weight fat in the long term sustainably. In addition, the proportion of protein in the diet can be increased in favor of carbohydrates. This protects the muscles from being broken down during the diet ².

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Low Carb Meal Plan

With a low-carb diet, carbohydrate intake is highly reduced. The carbohydrate content varies depending on the low-carb diet. However, a reduction to less than 25 percent occurs as a rule. A keto diet plan reduces the intake to just 10 percent. The background to these extremely low-carbohydrate diets is the assumption that the body would specifically use body fat as an energy source.

Since your body first draws on glycogen stores in the muscles, a low-carb diet can lead to rapid weight loss. Because glycogen mainly binds water. Therefore, the rapid change on the scale is primarily due to water loss.

A low-carb diet can help you lose body fat in the short term. In addition to losing water, many people automatically consume fewer calories by cutting out carbohydrates. This leads to a calorie deficit and weight loss. In the long term, we do not recommend doing without the essential energy source but instead eating a balanced diet.

Diet Plan Fat Loss

Would you like to reduce your body fat percentage? Then you can’t avoid a calorie deficit and a clever nutrition plan. Our nutrition experts will show you step by step which framework conditions an excellent and long-term successful diet includes and what you should pay attention to in a nutrition plan for fat loss.

Vegan Diet Plan

You are eating vegan means altogether avoiding animal foods on the menu. Our free one-week nutrition plan shows you how you can eat more freshly and diversely than usual with a plant-based diet. Wholesome and colorful foods and avoiding processed foods support you in your everyday life.

Healthy Eating Plan

Whatever diet or fitness goal you pursue, the basis is always a balanced diet. Our Healthy Kickstarter nutrition plan will show you how to take advantage of the variety of food and cover your need for macro and micronutrients: The perfect start to your healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget that everyone has unique calorie needs. Our free meal plan is, for example, only. Adjust the calories to your daily requirement.

Benefits Of A Nutrition Plan

An individual nutrition plan can be the most crucial help on the way to your feel-good figure because, in addition to training, nutrition is THE most critical success factor for physical fitness. With a nutrition plan, everyone can take control of their eating habits, make simple adjustments and consciously sensitize their diet to their physical goal. The basis of a nutrition plan is the calorie calculator, which can determine your calorie requirements.

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