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Foods That Help You Quit Smoking

From lemons to broccoli, from cucumbers to carrots. And be careful with your diet: when you quit smoking, you can put on even four kilos of weight.

Foods That Help You Quit Smoking

Imagine having to detox or starting a special diet: when you come out of the tunnel of smoking, at the table, or at least in the first subsequent phase, many things change. Quitting smoking is not easy, but even more complicated is being able not to start again. And face the problems that arise from interrupting the cigarette ritual with serenity.

Various problems. First of all, weight: men gain, on average, about 4 kilos, while women gain at least 3 kilos. Then the mood: you become more irritable, stressed and anxious, and even have balance problems.

What To Eat When You Quit Smoking

The fight against smoking addiction is tough, and who have managed to quit are well aware of this. For them and those who want to try it,  here are some useful tips, which primarily concern nutrition and the right foods to eat when you quit smoking.

Fruits And Vegetables

You have to abound at all hours of the day. The body of ex-smokers has a particular need for vitamin C. Still, fruit and vegetables also serve to have a diet capable of balancing the effects of weight gain from abandoning cigarettes. In particular, we suggest oranges and tangerines, kiwis,  tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and peppers.


They deserve a special place in the diet of the ex-smoker. It is no coincidence that they are recommended, with a sip of hot water, by all doctors, above all oncologists and cardiologists, to make our bodies safe. Lemon alkalizes the blood, is an antioxidant, and has excellent purifying power. Just enough to help you forget your nicotine addiction and reduce hunger.

Carrots, Cucumber And Fennel

They are used for the function they perform of purification of the organism. The smoker is “polluted”, and these foods help him to make a sort of detox diet. 

Blueberries And Pomegranate

They are very suitable, even as juices, to improve circulation. Cigarettes have certainly done some damage in terms of plaque along our arteries, and therefore this type of fruit will help improve blood circulation and oxygenation.

Salads And Snacks

It may seem strange, but salads and natural snacks can help the ex-smoker overcome the anxiety and irritability that usually accompany the farewell to cigarettes.


Always keep it close at hand: when you feel the urge for a cigarette, replace it with licorice.


Prefer those based on mallow, verbena, fennel and nettle. They perform a detoxifying function and, at the same time, improve mood and counteract apathy. Finally, try to eliminate coffee and replace it with tea. Caffeine, for smokers, means lighting a cigarette.

Whole Grains

Whole grains have fewer calories than refined ones. They are rich in fiber, which gives you satiety and contains sudden and repeated hunger attacks when you stop smoking, especially in the first period.


When you stop smoking, you must drink a lot, exceeding the threshold of two liters per day indicated in normal times. Even water, in addition to constant purifying action, helps reduce the desire to eat.  

Foods To Avoid When Quitting Smoking

Besides coffee, the ex-smokers’ sworn enemy, other foods should be avoided once you quit smoking. All sodas and beer. In particular, like coffee, Coca-Cola pushes the smoker to light a cigarette. Spirits and spirits: lead to a greater demand for nicotine and make it easier to combine it with tobacco. Sweets contain an abundance of carbohydrates which, by their nature, ignite the craving for nicotine. And finally, red meat: proteins are powerful blood acidifiers that eliminate nicotine from the bloodstream. But with this, they increase the desire for it.

How Much Do You Get Fat When You Quit Smoking

When you stop smoking, without precautions, within a few weeks, you gain 4 to 5 kilos, on average, in weight. 30 percent of this increase is due to the loss of the direct effects of cigarettes on the body: first of all, the new metabolism is oriented towards a higher calorie consumption. But the remaining 70 per cent is due exclusively to diet and physical activity, which certainly helps when you quit smoking. 

The right foods also help deal with nervous hunger attacks, which come when nicotine withdrawal develops the desire for something that can compensate for the lost pleasure to which the smoker is accustomed thanks to cigarettes. The hunger attack lasts from 2 to 6 minutes, comes from the brain and pushes us to look for fatty, very tasty foods capable of promoting the development of anti-stress hormones. And it is at this moment that it becomes very important to know and use foods that help stop smoking and keep a nervous appetite under control.

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