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Goodbye, Lousy Cholesterol With Natural First Aid

If too much of it is in the blood, your health is at risk. Eliminate bad cholesterol with supplements capable of genuinely cleaning. In recent years, we have increasingly talked about “metabolic syndrome. ” It is not an actual disease but a condition of alteration of many physiological parameters that indicate suffering in the organism. The first of these parameters is linked to blood pressure. 

The second is blood sugar, the third concerns blood fats, and the fourth and perhaps most important is excess LDL cholesterol, commonly defined as “wrong” and is found above 40 milligrams per deciliter of blood in men and 50 milligrams in women suffering from this syndrome. The last value, closely linked to cholesterol, concerns the presence of abdominal fat in excessive quantities. This last parameter is easily measured with a seamstress’ centimeter, checking the width of the waistline, which must be less than 88 cm for women and 102 cm for men.

A Quarter Of The Population Suffers From It!

Many think metabolic syndrome is relatively uncommon, but unfortunately, the data indicates the opposite: almost a quarter of the adult Italian population suffers from this disorder. An even greater number of people present significant alterations in only some parameters of the syndrome, especially cholesterol. What favors this condition of imbalance? There are many possible causes. 

A diet too rich in fats, sugars, and animal derivatives is the first, but we must add a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and being overweight. Other factors facilitate this condition, such as advancing age, the hormonal changes of menopause, the possible intake of drugs that affect the natural elimination of these substances, and an increase in oxidizing molecules, such as homocysteine.

Supplements That Help You Get Back To Normal

Fortunately, research in the nutraceutical field (the science that studies the healing properties of foods) has made it possible to understand that a lot can be done to correct these alterations to the average physiological balance thanks to some extracts derived from certain foods and present in some supplements. For example, significant results can be obtained for controlling LDL cholesterol and triglycerides by exploiting molecules derived from fermented red rice, which help to rebalance cholesterol levels. 

Another formidable discovery concerns the baobab fruit, which contains fatty acids Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, and phytosterols. These substances improve cardiovascular efficiency and regulate blood pressure. Folic acid can then counteract the harmful action of homocysteine on the internal wall of the arteries, and we can also attribute a similar action (i.e., antioxidant) to the polyphenols present in bitter cocoa.

Also, Be Careful About Vitamin B6 Deficiency

Among those who suffer from alterations in blood parameters, a specific deficiency is also quite common: vitamin B6, which is very precious for cardiovascular health because it maintains the correct fluidity of the blood itself, thus preventing thrombosis phenomena and defending the health of the coronary arteries. Given that at least a third of people over 60 are deficient in this vitamin, it is essential to stock up on it. The best supplements also contain significant doses of vitamin B6.

Good Habits And The Right Supplements: Here Is The Winning Mix

All these suggestions cannot ignore the correction of any modifiable risk factors, i.e., those dependent on our behavior, such as the habit of smoking or the tendency to be sedentary. But thanks to the latest discoveries in natural supplements, how to purify the blood, reduce cholesterol, and resolve the imbalances that cause metabolic syndrome is much easier than you might imagine.

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