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Healthy Fast Food Recipes: Burgers, Fries& Pizza With Good Nutritional Value

Whether pizza or fries, doner kebab or burgers: we all like to grab the fast food classics. However, those who pay attention to figures and health will be happy about balanced alternatives and clever tricks for the preparation.

Ready To Go: Healthy Fast Food Recipes

Fast food is equated with a tongue-in-cheek approach to “almost eating” that makes you fat. It is surprisingly easy to prepare burgers, fries, kebabs, and other fast food classics with less fat and sugar and fewer calories. In this special, we will show you what healthy versions of the most popular fast food dishes can look like and which other light snacks can be used as healthy fast food. 


There are many fast-food recipes for rolls with meatballs, including some healthy options. You can do much for the calorie balance with whole grain rolls instead of white flour and lean meat such as minced beef steak, poultry, or minced lamb. Alternatively, the patties can be made of fish. Sea fish, such as pollock, used in our fish burger recipe, is particularly suitable. 

You save even more calories if you don’t break the fish. Because the breading behaves like a sponge, she quickly soaks up fat. Tofu and vegetable burgers are available for vegetarians. All variants can be upgraded with plenty of salad and vegetables as top and side dishes. Since ketchup contains a lot of sugar, it is very high in calories. Use it sparingly, or try adding a little tomato paste and mustard. 

A portion (5 g) of medium-hot mustard brings it to just 4 kcal, and the combination convinces it with a lot of taste. The cheese for a cheeseburger usually contains a lot of fat so that it melts well. If you do without the slice of cheese on top, you save calories but hardly lose any flavor. And finally, it doesn’t always have to be the full-grown burger: Our mini hamburgers are easier to eat and portion as finger food and are also suitable for children.


Homemade pizza can also be transformed into healthy fast food. Use a dough made from whole meal flour and cover it with vegetables for your recipe. Plenty of different veggies bring a diverse flavor but don’t hit the hips. Our veggie pizza recipe provides topping ideas. Another great option for a reduced-calorie topping is lean chicken breast. Cheeses like Gouda, which melt well on a pizza, are high in fat and provide around 360 kcal per 100g. But the cheese doesn’t have to be as thick as a finger on the pizza to taste good. Here less is more! The pizza can also be “slimmed” with mozzarella, which only has 260 kcal per 100 g.

Doner, Pita, Bagels, And Sandwiches

Sandwiches are the best healthy fast-food recipes for on-the-go. Schnitzel meat, chicken fillet, or turkey are suitable for filling flatbreads – try our doner kebab power roll! A homemade dip made from natural yogurt, spices, and garlic provides a lot of flavors, as do fresh herbs such as dill or parsley. As a vegetarian variant, the bread can also be filled with vegetables and feta, for example. You can spread bagels and sandwiches – preferably the whole grain version – with cream cheese and tomato paste and top with lean cold cuts such as poultry sausage, roast beef, or jelly: browse our sandwich recipes.

More Healthy Fast Food Recipes

As a light combination of protein and carbohydrates, sushi is also ideal as a quick meal when you are out. In general, sushi is healthy and Asian food is a good idea for anyone with little cooking time. Lots of colorful vegetables, meat, fish, tofu, and rice or noodles are healthy and delicious ingredients that cook quickly in the wok. For the sake of your figure, however, you should avoid high-fat peanut sauces and breaded fish. Since the vegetables usually only cook for a short time in the wok, they remain crisp, and the vital substances are preserved. Fruit or fruit salad, salad with egg and chicken, and wraps are other fast food recommendations. 

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