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How To Regenerate The Skin Of The Face While You Sleep

Sleeping at least eight hours a night helps our body regain the energy it needs to face the day at its best. During sleep, we can make our skin more beautiful and find a fresh look when we wake up. So what is the secret to waking up with beautiful, smooth, rested skin?

Sleep As A Beauty Treatment

The passage between day and night naturally regulates our chronobiological rhythms. In general, the physiological activity of the skin performs all its functions over 24 hours according to more or less regular metabolic cycles: the physiology of the skin, therefore, follows the sleep-wake rhythm of the organism (circadian rhythms ). During the day, the skin protects itself from the aggression of external agents, such as UV rays, cold, wind, and pollution. At night, on the contrary, it renews itself to prepare for the next morning.

Sleeping little and badly undermines circadian rhythms’ balance and affects the skin’s quality. The result is a dull and dull complexion, drawn and thin features, loss of tone and elasticity, dehydration, uneven pigmentation, and formation of dark circles and bags. During the night, the activity of fibroblasts increases in the dermis and, consequently, the production of collagen fibers, a family of filamentous proteins that make up the connective tissue underlying the epidermis and which represent a sort of scaffolding that supports the upper layers of the skin. In this phase, cell renewal is also promoted, thanks to which the waste accumulated during the day is eliminated, which contributes to making the skin toneless and dull.

Skin aging is a complex biological process in which free radicals, produced by the body itself, and external agents such as pollution and solar radiation play an important role. Precisely for this reason, the activity of antioxidant molecules is essential, especially during the night when the skin regenerates faster (up to eight times more) and is more predisposed to the absorption of active ingredients.

For preventive action on skin aging, it is advisable to choose a specific night cream rich in antioxidants (which counteract the formation of free radicals) and hyaluronic acid (to guarantee hydration and densification of the superficial layers).

The Beauty Routine For The Night

However, it is not enough to sleep the right hours to ensure smooth and luminous skin and a fresh appearance. In fact, before going to bed, it is important to follow a good and honorable evening beauty routine to preserve our beauty.

  1. Facial cleansing: We’ve said it repeatedly: never go to bed wearing makeup. Using the right cleansing milk for your skin type is fundamental in making subsequent treatments effective, such as applying a moisturizer or an anti-aging serum. As we know, makeup, impurities, and smog clog pores and reduce oxygenation and skin.
  2. Application of the tonic: A true ally of our beauty, the tonic favors the total removal of make-up residues, restores the physiological pH, and tones the skin.
  3. Using night cream: Precisely because it is more reactive and receptive at night, the skin is better prepared to absorb the active ingredients of night face creams. Acting in-depth, the night face cream moisturizes and brings functional ingredients for skin cell regeneration. Generally characterized by antioxidants and a rich texture, the night cream should be applied by massaging the face from the center outwards, then moving to the neck.
  4. Pay attention to the eye area: Dehydration, reduction of sebum and muscle tone, thinned epidermis, and deterioration of the collagen and elastin fibers present in the dermis are the annoying signs of aging that affect a delicate and thin area such as that around the eyes. In this area, the lack of sleep or a bad alternation of the same phases manifests itself, sometimes very clearly. This is why using an eye contour is necessary to limit blemishes such as bags and dark circles.

An adequate lifestyle and using the right products can help protect yourself from aging skin and ensure a rested, luminous, hydrated face.

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