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11 Essential Habits To Maintain Skin Health

How is your skin healthy? Do you suffer from excess oiliness, acne, or blemishes? Do you feel your pores are open or that your face is dry, slack, and dull? Some of your habits could be causing these problems.

Our lifestyle directly influences skin health. Therefore, this text shares a list of 11 habits that help keep your skin always young, beautiful, and healthy. Check out!

Clean your skin properly. Daily facial cleansing is one of the secrets to maintaining skin health. That’s because our face spends the day accumulating dirt that attacks the skin, and when it’s not removed, it can clog our pores, causing problems like blackheads.

So, if you want unique skin, start cleaning your face at least twice a day, using water, soap suitable for your face, and toner.

Never Sleep With Makeup On

You must be tired of hearing this tip by now: but this proves how important it is for skin health! And we explain why: during sleep, the cell regeneration process makes the hair follicles lubricate, taking our body’s natural oils to the skin’s surface. If your face is made up during this period, it will retain oil, which clogs the pores. Clogged pores make it difficult for the skin to breathe and cause inflammation.

Use Sunscreen Daily

Ahead of age issues, prolonged unprotected exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays is the main factor in skin aging. These rays steal collagen from the skin, destroying its elasticity and damaging the tissue. 

This results in sagging and wrinkles. In addition to causing the appearance of freckles and age spots and being a risk factor for skin cancer.

Moisturize Your Skin

Using a moisturizer is essential to replenish lost moisture and natural oiliness of the skin and thus keep it healthy. Well-hydrated skin is smoother, more even, brighter and younger-looking. 

And even if you have oily skin, hydration is essential, see? Look for products specific to your skin type to avoid increased oiliness. 

Periodically Exfoliate

Exfoliation is another essential care for maintaining skin health, as it removes dead cells and helps clear pores, helping to prevent the appearance of acne. When done correctly, exfoliation makes the skin more vibrant and improves the effectiveness of topical care products by facilitating their absorption.

Include A Product That Prevents Aging In Your Skincare Routine

If you want to keep your skin youthful for much longer, one of the secrets is to start using cosmetics that prevent aging early. Among the benefits of including this type of product in your skincare are:

  • give more elasticity and firmness to the skin
  • keep the dermis hydrated
  • improve collagen production
  • reduce blemishes
  • diminish fine lines and expression wrinkles.

Sleep Tight

Believe: sleeping well is very important for skin health. Many people don’t know, but it’s only during deep and prolonged sleep that cell regeneration happens when damaged cells are repaired. Thus, a good night’s sleep is essential to have beautiful and healthy skin.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking enough water daily is not only the most basic skincare habit but also a fundamental habit for maintaining overall physical health. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends daily drinking 3.5 ml of water per kilogram of body mass.

The cells in our body are mainly composed of water, a substance that plays a critical role in maintaining our physiological balance. Therefore, scientists have long studied the relationship between water and healthy skin.

Adopt A Healthy Diet

Our food influences the functioning of our entire body and can cause some of the most common skin problems, such as acne. 

To have beautiful and healthy skin, in addition to using good topical products, it is essential to adopt a diet rich in healthy and natural foods.

Don’t Cultivate Habits That Are Bad For Your Health

Good habits are essential to keep the skin healthy and ensure the proper functioning of our entire body. Smoking or drinking alcohol in excess, for example, causes severe damage to health, directly impacting the appearance of the skin. 

Avoid Stress

Stress puts your body into a fight-or-flight state, which causes the brain to release more hormones, causing acne. If you lead a hectic and stressful lifestyle, schedule at least 30 minutes of physical activity to help de-stress.

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