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Internet Diets: Beware Of Them

Boiled Egg Diet, Lemon Juice Diet, Vinegar Diet, Baby Food Diet, Grade Diet, Blood Type Diet, Dukan Diet, Nasa Diet, Atkins Diet, Green Juice Diet, Detox Diet, Diet raw food, the 600-calorie diet, intermittent fasting… if you Googled and searched for quick results diets or read an article about a diet followed by a famous one, you must have come across one of these names.

However, this subject should not be considered a joke if chosen according to magazine covers or internet diets. Watch out for them! The idea is to make an appointment with an online nutritionist to clarify your doubts and obtain personalized guidance.

What Is A Diet?

Generally speaking, diets are the eating habits of each person. A culture or region may also have a specific type of diet.

The same term is also used in healthcare to indicate a diet prescribed by a doctor or nutritionist.

What Are The Goals Of A Diet?

The goals of the diet can be many and go beyond weight loss; some possibilities are:

  • Have a balanced diet ;
  • Carry out a food reeducation;
  • Changing habits, such as becoming vegetarian or vegan ;
  • Improve performance and performance in sports;
  • Adapt to a phase of recovery;
  • Change in the menu due to intolerances, allergies, or diabetes;
  • And finally, but not always the most important: weight loss, gain, or maintenance.

Risks Of Following Unattended Internet Diets

Rigid diets that promise miracles when stepping on the scales should be viewed with great caution.

This is because most pose physical and even mental health risks for those who follow them. Severe restriction of foods necessary for the proper functioning of the body can lead to malnutrition, weakness, loss of muscle mass, hair loss, weak nails, dehydration, stimulate the development of bulimia and anorexia, stimulate anxiety, shook self-esteem, and the famous accordion effect, which can return and even increase the pounds lost during food restriction.

In addition, an unbalanced diet without a nutritionist can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It’s better not to play with your health, right?

How Should A Diet Be Done?

The proper diet to follow is the one developed by the nutritionist, especially for you.

Internet diets do not take into account each patient’s history, habits, and needs.

Before indicating what you should eat and what you should cut down on, a serious professional will carry out an anamnesis questionnaire to analyze your life habits, schedules, restrictions, allergies, intolerances, preferences, family history of diseases, and use or not of medicines.

In addition, the patient will be instructed to do a battery of tests. With all this information, the nutritionist proposes a nutritional plan according to the established goals and respects the patient’s health.

Why Are Celebrity Diets Dangerous?

Many believe the headlines announcing the miraculous loss of several pounds in a few weeks or the before and after photos posted on social media.

It can be tempting to get on the bandwagon. However, the reader and follower have no idea if that’s all true:

  • We don’t know if the famous person is really on a diet or is just gossip generated by the news portals;
  • We don’t know what kind of restrictions she is going through and how her health is being affected;
  • We don’t know if the before and after photo is the result of manipulation in Photoshop;
  • We don’t know if the person in question is just advertising (veiled or not) a product that claims to be slimming;
  • We do not know if there is a follow-up with doctors and nutritionists.

What Is The Best Way To Go On A Diet?

We face many possibilities, disclosures, and mismatched information; how do we find the ideal diet? The answer is simple: consulting a nutritionist!

The professional in the area is the person indicated to analyze the best diet to be followed, according to your goals, your life, and your restrictions.

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