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Meringue Cake: Classic, Quick And Delicious Recipe!

The Meringue Cake, or just Meringue, is an exemplary choreographic and flavorful sweet made of 2 plates of Meringue view of egg whites and sugar, which are loaded up with whipped cream and improved with leafy foods. A new cake with a great appearance, where the brittleness of the Meringue meets the velvety delicate quality of the filling and the corrosiveness of the berries! Tasting verse! 

Like any exemplary treat, there are various variants: chocolate meringue and espresso meringue, with the expansion of marron glacè, strawberries, and lemon meringue. What I’m giving you today is the Exemplary Meringue Cake Recipe. A simple base from which to begin, so you can then make numerous flavorful varieties yourself, contingent upon the event! It appears to be more complex.

However, trust me, Meringue cake is a straightforward and fast treat! Make the meringue circles following my Meringue recipe, and quickly, the plates and embellishments are prepared to heat! Subsequent to cooking, which really includes drying the meringues in the broiler, the bases are ready!! The cream is whipped quickly, with barely sufficient opportunity to clean the leafy foods: the Meringue is prepared!! 

For this situation, I picked strawberries and berries. However, you can decide to add chips or cleaved chocolate to the whipped cream, the product of your decision that you have accessible at home, chestnuts, your #1 jam, or anything you like! Ideal for all events, from a birthday to a unique event like Easter, Mother’s Day, or a heartfelt supper! Set it up soon, and let me in on what you choose to fill it with!

Meringue Recipe

Preparation Times

  1. Preparation: 30 minutes
  2. Cooking: 1 hour, 
  3. Total: 1 hour, and 30 minutes


Quantity for an 18cm cake (for six people)

For The Meringue Discs And Decorations:

  1. Two egg whites (80 g)
  2. 80 g of granulated sugar (equal weight of the egg whites)
  3. 80 g of icing sugar (equivalent weight of the egg whites)

For The Filling:

  1. 350 ml of fresh liquid cream (alternatively whipping cream; if sweetened, do not add icing sugar)
  2. 3 – 4 tablespoons of icing sugar
  3. 250 g of fruit of your choice (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries)


How To Make Meringue Cake

As a matter of some importance, set up the Meringue. It will just require 10 minutes! Be that as it may, heed all the guidance for an ideal outcome! At the point when the Meringue is prepared, kindly spot it in a dispensable funneling pack, which you can remove at 1 cm or utilize a smooth, 1 cm wide container. At long last, use a sheet of baking paper and make 2 18cm circles with a pencil. Utilize a bowl, a form or anything that you have accessible as a shape. Put the sheet on a baking plate.

How To Make Perfect Meringue Discs

Make the meringue plate, beginning from the focal point of the circle and sprinkle the Meringue, moving it concentrically up to the edge. Do this activity likewise for the subsequent process and make numerous little meringues with another dispensable funneling sack. Make heaps of them until you run out of Meringue! Cook on the stove on the medium-low side at 100° for around 60 minutes, then lower to 90° and complete cooking the little meringues for an additional 40 minutes. Strip them off and save them. Pass on the plates to dry at 90° for another 40 – 50 minutes.

Assemble The Meringue

At the point when the circles and meringues are prepared and cold, you can gather your Meringue Cake. Whip the virus cream from the cooler with 4 – 5 tablespoons of icing sugar, even one more, assuming you like it better. Whip until firm, yet continue gradually. Place the whipped cream in a funnel sack with the spout you want. 

Indeed, even a 1cm thick cut is fine. Make many specks of batter beginning from the external edge until the whole circle is loaded up with Meringue. Add half of the totally perfect and dry berries. Place (without squashing excessively) the second plate of Meringue on the berry base and enhance with another layer of whipped cream, making polka spots as beforehand. Then, at that point, add the remainder of the foods grown from the ground with the meringues.

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