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Skin Care Tips: 5 Habits For Healthy Skin

Skin care is essential to keep it free of bacteria and pollutants that build up over time. During the day, a lot of dirt accumulates on the face’s skin, causing acne and contributing to premature aging, especially for women who usually wear a lot of makeup. 

Because of this, it is essential to cultivate the habit of taking care of your face daily. Having a good cleaning routine, eating the right way, and constantly hydrating yourself will help maintain your skin’s health. 

Check out five skin care tips below that will help you improve your appearance and make you a more youthful woman.

1 – Hydrate Your Skin

Using moisturizing products can bring numerous benefits to skin quality. 

By moisturizing the face (and also other parts of the body), problems such as dryness, peeling, premature aging, and infections, among others, are avoided.

To avoid these types of problems, it is essential to use moisturizing creams and oils suitable for each skin type daily. 

Another critical factor is that well-done hydration happens from the inside out of the body.

Drinking more than two liters of water every day is more important than using moisturizing products for skin care and body functioning.

2 – Use Sunscreen

Contrary to what many people think, sunscreen is not only used when we go to the beach or the pool. 

The use of sunscreen should be done whenever we are exposed to sunlight.

Unlike moisturizing creams and oils, sunscreen is the only product capable of protecting your skin against UVA and UVB damage. 

Daily use of it can significantly reduce the chances of developing skin cancer.

In addition, the daily use of sunscreen reduces the appearance of spots and expression marks caused by intense exposure to the sun. 

3 – Have A Good Diet

Many people don’t know, but the quality of food directly impacts skin health. The more natural the diet, the healthier the skin will be.

That’s why a diet based on industrialized foods rich in fats and sugars should be avoided. 

Foods such as salmon, tuna, sardines, and eggs are recommended to compose a healthy diet, as they are rich in vitamin D and Omega 3. 

You can also include vitamin C-rich foods such as oranges, pineapple, and tangerines.

4 – Get A Good Night’s Sleep

The quality of your sleep directly interferes with your skin’s health (and the proper functioning of your body). 

During rest, your body undergoes a cell renewal, causing you to recover from everyday wear and tear. 

This is when your body fights cell aging and strengthens your immune system.

It may sound cliché, but this is one of the best skincare tips out there—and unfortunately, it’s often overlooked.

5 – Try To Have A Cleaning Routine

A cleansing routine doesn’t just mean removing your makeup and washing your face before bed. These are just two of the practices you need to have.

Ideally, you use skin care products at the correct times every day.

For example, clean your skin with cleansing soap or facial toner as soon as you wake up. 

Then try to hydrate your skin with a moisturizing cream to put on your makeup and start your day finally.

Follow the care routine by thoroughly cleaning your face with anti-wrinkle creams or exfoliants.

Dermatological treatments are also essential to preserve the health of your skin. Check out some of the most recommended treatments for skin care below.

Skin Care Treatments

Facial Drainage

This is a massage technique applied to the face region. This procedure can eliminate toxins from the face, tone the skin, prevent wrinkles, and delay premature aging.

In addition, facial drainage is indicated for the treatment of bruises and recovery from plastic surgery, in addition to:

  • Improved blood circulation;
  • Relaxation of the muscles of the face;
  • Eliminates toxins;
  • Amenizes dark circles and post-op bruises;
  • Revitalizes and tones the skin;
  • Delays premature aging;
  • It helps in treating acne.

Skin Cleansing

The function of this treatment is to remove blackheads and impurities, unclogging the pores of the face and improving the skin’s absorption capacity. 

Skin also assists in oxygenation, nutrition, hydration, and facial whitening.

  • It helps prevent the emergence of carnations and pimples;
  • Removes dead cells from the face and detoxifies the skin;
  • Helps control acne;
  • Softens and evens out the skin;
  • Prevents wrinkles and expression lines.

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