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Smoking, Stress And Co.: 6 Habits That Make You Look Older

Looking young and fresh, who doesn’t want that? Little sleep, stress or nicotine consumption often make us look older than we are. You can find out here which 6 habits cause wrinkles, dark circles and the like.

In particular, people over the age of 30 want to look young, as the first wrinkles, pigment spots and chronic dark circles become visible at this age. Genetic predisposition plays a crucial role in how quickly our skin ages. In addition, you can influence your optical generation yourself.

From smoking to stress and lack of sleep, here are 6 habits you should avoid — they, unfortunately, make you look older than you are.


The nicotine in cigarettes accelerates the natural aging process of the skin, resulting in wrinkles and skin damage. This happens as follows: when you smoke, the blood vessels in the outermost layers of the skin constrict, leading to blood flow changes.

In addition, frequent smoking can turn teeth and fingernails yellow. Not a sign of youthful, healthy looks, is it? That should be enough reasons to keep your hands off the fags.

Too Little Sleep

An adult should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night to recover. Those who regularly get less sleep tend to lack concentration and tiredness – and you can see that too!

During sleep, the skin cells regenerate, and skin damage is repaired. If there is a permanent lack of sleep, this process is impaired; wrinkles quickly develop.

Too Little Exercise

Those who exercise more often strengthen bones, muscles and the heart. But did you know that an active lifestyle also benefits your skin?

A lot of exercise keeps the blood circulating, so the entire body, including the nerves, is supplied with oxygen. At the same time, waste products can be removed from the skin. Sport also ensures plump, firmer skin, contributing to a younger appearance.


If you are permanently stressed, you can often see it on your face. Stress causes unstable sleeping habits – dark circles under the eyes and swollen eyes in the morning are inevitable.

Stress also increases the production of the hormone cortisol, causing other hormones to become imbalanced. This can lead to blemishes or even acne. In addition, the number of so-called good and bad bacteria in the intestine changes, which promotes the development of skin rashes.

Going To Bed With Makeup On

Make-up, powder and the like clog the pores. Pimples, blackheads and general skin blemishes are the unsightly results. To look fresh and rested the following day, you should remove your makeup altogether before going to bed.

Unhealthy Diet

Consume fast food, alcohol, processed foods, and soft drinks in moderation or eliminate them. These mostly high-fat or high-sugar foods promote the formation of wrinkles and quickly make the skin appear old and sallow.

Lots of fruit and vegetables have the opposite effect – grabbing is allowed!

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