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Five Foods That Are Said To Be Good For The Lungs

Improving and protecting lungs function and even accelerating healing processes – we can do something good for our sensitive respiratory organs with lots of clean air and by choosing the right food.

Parsley Kills Lung Cancer Cells

Parsley is more than a green decorative element for the plate; it is a natural medicinal herb and good for the lungs. Diuretic ensures healthy flushing of the kidneys and one of the foods with the highest apigenin content. Years ago, scientists discovered that the flavonoid compound was a real cancer deterrent. Interestingly, she targets lung cancer cells explicitly. A generous spoonful of parsley over the soup is, therefore, the best way to prevent lung cancer. And yet another – admittedly cruel animal experiment – brought astonishing results to light. To do this, researchers injected pregnant rats with pure nicotine. The lungs of the babies whose mothers were also given parsley extract developed significantly better than those who had to do without the herb.

Raw Garlic Contains A ‘Mysterious’ Lung-Protecting Molecule

Biting into a clove of raw garlic every day is considered the secret of many 100-year-olds. The tiny bulb is one of the key ingredients in the Mediterranean diet touted by nutritionists. Again, this food is a “magic” antibiotic-like ingredient that produces a healing order for the lungs—the name: allicin. The property, according to British researchers: kills bacteria that cause lung diseases and respiratory diseases such as cystic fibrosis. Eating raw garlic just twice a week reduces the risk of lung cancer by over 40 percent. Incidentally, allicin and its effects are so new for medical science that the study report even speaks of a “mysterious molecule” that will bring much joy to research.

Water Keeps All Functions On Their Toes

The lungs are 80 percent water, so the logical consequence is that they can only function optimally if the body is sufficiently hydrated. Even slightly dry lungs are more susceptible to diseases. The German Lung Information Service also expressly points out: “Dehydration of the body can result in asthma attacks.” Nevertheless, three liters a day should not be exceeded because “too much fluid can also strain the lungs because the pressure in the blood vessels increases.

Broccoli Activates “Healing Genes”

Quitting smoking is complex, and many people suffer from not breaking their addiction overnight. Broccoli has been proven to be an excellent vegetable to accompany soon-to-be ex-smokers on their road to abstinence. We all have a specific gene called NRF2; whose “job” is to protect cells from pollutants and other toxins. The problem: The activity of this gene is significantly reduced in smokers, which, among other things, means that the damaged alveoli of the lungs recover less well. Scientists from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have discovered that the phytochemical sulforaphane in broccoli can get the healing gene working again. 4And not only that, the daily intake of a drink made from broccoli sprouts is said to render the air inhaled in smog areas virtually harmless.

Apples And Tomatoes Regenerate Smokers’ Lungs Faster

More good news for (soon-to-be) ex-smokers: The researchers at Johns Hopkins University seem to be particularly concerned about lung health because after they found out about broccoli, they discovered a similar effect with apples and tomatoes in 2017. They found that lung function recovered significantly better in those who ate an average of at least two tomatoes and one apple a day. In addition, the generous consumption of the two foods contributes to the fact that the age-related decline in the function of the lungs – even without a smoking history – slows down measurably. 6So it seems to have something to do with combining the two fruits, which still needs to be explored further. 

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