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These Five Workouts Burn The Most Calories

Many fitness enthusiasts would like to burn enormous calories with every training session to achieve weight loss or muscle definition as quickly as possible. With these five sports and workouts, it is guaranteed to succeed.

It’s no longer a secret that exercise is an effective way to burn calories. 

For some, this fact is a nice side effect to their beloved hobby, for others the main reason to persuade themselves to train at all.

The Calorie Consumption Depends On This

Of course, calorie consumption varies from person to person. How much you burn during each workout depends on various factors such as height, gender, age, and weight. In addition, the intensity of the exercise is another crucial point for calorie consumption. 

For example, weather conditions such as temperature or wind speed play a significant role in outdoor workouts . The colder outside, the more energy the body needs to keep warm. 

The values ​​are given purely guide values ​​that vary from athlete to athlete. 

These Workouts Have It All 

Not every sport burns calories equally effectively. Nevertheless, some workouts increase consumption considerably so that your weight loss success becomes child’s play. 


Strenuous running sessions or interval training are certainly not for everyone. But they do one thing – melt calories. 

Additionally, fast or slow jogging is known for its excellent afterburn effect. This means that the body burns calories in rest mode even after the workout is complete. It is best not to eat anything for at least 30 minutes after training.

But how many calories can be burned while jogging? At a slow pace of 7-9km/hour, a 70kg person will burn approximately 490-560 calories. Not bad, right?

In comparison, a person of the same weight burns 770-840 calories in an hour at a fast pace. 

HIIT Training

High-Intensity Interval Training has the advantage that you can burn as many calories as possible in a short time. 

The training sessions consist of several short intensive loads followed by short breaks due to the fast process and the very short intervals.

In addition, the circulation is pushed, and you start to sweat a lot. 

At moderate intensity, you burn about 130 calories in ten minutes. In addition, the afterburning effect benefits calorie consumption.

With this, you can also burn about 100 extra calories. A 30-minute HIIT workout burns around 500-600 calories.

Bikram Yoga

This style of yoga is also known as hot yoga. The various exercises are carried out in a room with a temperature of 40 degrees and a humidity of 60 percent. Everyone is guaranteed to work up a sweat and boost their calorie consumption. 

Bikram yoga consists of approximately 26 different exercises that work and challenge the body to the maximum. 

Yoga fans can burn around 650 calories in an hour. A yoga session usually lasts 90 minutes to increase consumption to about 1000 calories per session. 

Of course, the prerequisite for successful calorie burning is that the body is already used to the exercises and can do them correctly and with full power.


This workout is not only great for letting off frustration, but it also burns a lot of calories. 

Done right, boxing, like kickboxing, is an effective full-body workout. It mainly helps to build muscle. They also burn a lot of calories at rest. In addition, the reaction speed and your condition is improved. 

Since the full-body workout, as the name suggests, trains arms, shoulders, chest, back, and abdominal muscles, a lot of energy is expended and calories burned. In an intensive boxing session, you burn around 500 calories in 30 minutes.


This functional training combines fitness with breakdance elements. The fitness trend trains strength, coordination, flexibility, and body tension simultaneously. It is essential to have the right music, supporting the mixture of dancing and workout. 

The consecutive exercises of a Breakletics workout can be performed at different levels of difficulty so that everyone – whether beginner or professional – can participate in the training. A perfect motivation guarantee!

In a 60-minute session, the body burns an average of 600 calories.

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