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Unpack The Muscles! The Best Exercises For Toned Upper Arms

Show me your biceps! How about you? Do you already have a few muscles, or are the following exercises for the upper arms just right?

Want more? No problem! Do the following upper arm exercises at least three days a week. When performing the workouts, make sure that your upper body remains straight and carry out the activities slowly and in a controlled manner.

Exercises For The Upper Arms: Without Dumbbells, Band, Or Kettlebell

The weight of your body is enough to build some muscles. There are plenty of upper arm exercises you can do at home without any tools. The classic is push-ups or dips.

Push-Up For The Biceps:

Get into the push-up position: your hands are placed on the floor at shoulder height, a little more than shoulder-width apart, holding the body together with the tips of your feet. Tighten your stomach, and now bend your arms deeply. Make sure your body stays in line, and your bottom doesn’t ride up.

3 x 10 repetitions

Tight Push-Ups For The Triceps:

Get into the push-up position, but don’t place your hands wide but under your chest. Tighten your stomach and bend your arms deeply. This explicitly trains the back arm muscles.

3 x 10 repetitions

Dips For The Triceps:

Use a chair, sofa, bed, or bench as an aid. Rest your hands on the edges and place your feet far enough away from the sofa that your legs are straight. Now bend your arms and come deep.

3 x 12 repetitions

Exercises For The Upper Arms: With Dumbbells

If you have dumbbells, you can, of course, also do a few exercises for the upper arms with them. It is ideal if you get a set with weights of different weights. After all, you’ll build muscle, and you’ll probably soon be able to use more weight for the individual exercises.

Biceps Arm Press:

Grab a dumbbell in each hand, bend your arms, raise them to shoulder height, and then slowly straighten them up. Lower back down to shoulder height and push up.

3 x 15 repetitions

Sidearm Curl For The Biceps:

Again, take a dumbbell in each hand and raise your arms straight to your sides at shoulder height. Now bend your arms and push your hands towards your head and shoulders. Make sure your arms stay at shoulder height.

3 x 15 repetitions

Bicep Curl:

Hold a dumbbell in each hand. The arms are close to the sides of the body. Bend your arms 90 degrees, so your forearms are parallel to the floor. You push them towards the upper body and back again from this position.

3 x 15 repetitions

Biceps Cross Press:

Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Stretch your arms straight out in front of you at shoulder height. Now you cross them at a fast pace. Make sure your arms stay at shoulder height.

3 x 20 seconds

Exercises For The Upper Arms: With Kettlebells

Kettlebells are a great piece of fitness equipment to get your whole body in top shape. You can also use the balls for many different exercises for the upper arms.

Triceps Curl:

Hold the kettlebell between both hands and stretch your arms straight up over your head. Make sure they are behind the ears. Now bend your arms so that the kettlebell is pushed down your back.

3 x 10 repetitions

Side Triceps Curl:

Support your left arm and left leg on a chair. Take the kettlebell in your right hand. Bend your arm about 90 degrees and pull your arm up, so your hand is at hip height. From this position, you push your arm and kettlebell straight back.

3 x 10 repetitions

Exercises For The Upper Arms: With Thera-Band

Like the kettlebells, the Thera-Band is a piece of excellent fitness equipment for the whole body. Therefore, the purchase is worthwhile if you train at home more often and want to get your stomach, legs, and buttocks in shape. Since the band works with resistance, there are many exercises in which the upper arms are trained.

Side -Pull For The Biceps:

Kneel, the Thera-band is held on the floor by your knees. Take one end in each hand, stretch your arms out to the sides and pull them up in small movements.

3 x 20 repetitions


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