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7 Awesome Things You Can Still Use Lip Balm For

With lip balm, you can only cream your lips and make them smoother. Wrong thought. Here are the best beauty hacks that require lip balm.

Trick #1: SOS Trick For Broken Hair Ends

Every woman knows split ends. It is best to prevent this with regular hair treatment and cutting the tips. But sometimes you need help quickly. On the one hand, hair oil helps to quickly tame the broken ends of the hair and make them look smooth. However, since you only sometimes carry it around in your handbag, a lip balm will also do! Most women have it in their pockets anyway. Rub something between your fingers and gently stroke it over your hair. Stray hair will be gone in an instant.

Trick #2: Wow, Eyebrows

Well-styled and made-up eyebrows give the face its frame and conjure a great facial contour. To make the brows look even more expressive, women can use eyebrow powder and special gels to bring the tiny hairs into the right shape. You can use some lip balm if you want to avoid buying an extra eyebrow gel. Put a bit of it on the eyebrows and then paint them into the shape you like. This way, the look lasts much longer.

Trick #3: The Perfect Eyeshadow Base

You should always apply a base beforehand to ensure the eyeshadow stays in place. This has a gel-like, soft consistency. If you don’t have a base to hand, you can help with a layer of lip balm. Apply a thin layer to the movable eyelid and set it with some loose powder. This prevents the eye shadow from settling in small wrinkles, and the makeup lasts for hours.

Trick #4: Immediate Relief For Dry Skin

Of course, lip care sticks, as the name suggests, should care for the lips and make them supple. But especially in winter, when the heaters are running at full blast, many women tend to have dry skin cells on their faces that form during the day. In this case, you should not wait for the evening care routine but immediately give your skin some care. The lip balm is perfect for this. Don’t worry about the thin greasy film: This extra care is particularly good for dry facial skin.

Trick #5: The Highlighter Substitute

It doesn’t matter whether you want to go to the bar for a business lunch or to meet your best friend, a little freshness kick is always good for your face. The best secret weapon for a glowing complexion is a highlighter. This reflects the light and makes the skin look wonderfully fresh. The same effect can also be achieved with lip balm. Apply some balm to the cheekbones and below the eyebrows – done!

Trick #6: Cheating Fuller Lips

Matte lipsticks are THE beauty hype right now. But the problem with lip makeup is obvious: the matte look makes lips that are already narrow look even smaller. If you prefer to make your thin lips look fuller, you should use the following trick: Apply the desired lipstick as usual. Then take some lip balm and dab some of it on the middle of the lips. The light reflection makes the lips look fuller immediately.

Trick #7: Manicure Helper

Anyone who suffers from dry and split nail beds has only one way to counteract this: caring for the cuticles. This includes regular hand peeling and daily creaming of the hands, especially the nail beds. Very greasy creams, such as Vaseline or lip balm, are particularly suitable. If  take this to heart, brittle nails no longer stand a chance.

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