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At The First Sign: Can A Cold Be Stopped In Advance?

Scarves, hats, and gloves do not always protect against a cold when the temperature is around freezing – and the first signs are quickly noticeable. A general practitioner explains whether this can still be stopped in time – and if so, how.

The throat is scratchy, the nose is running, and the head is buzzing – when it gets colder, the cold season is in high season and ties many people to their beds.

Many resort to ginger shots, disinfectants, and other home remedies to strengthen the immune system and not get infected.

However, if an annoying illness creeps in quietly and secretly, it is essential to stop this as quickly as possible. There are plenty of tips and advice on this – but can you stop a cold that is coming up?

When Can A Cold No Longer Be Prevented?

“For the typical course of the disease, as soon as the cold virus has reached the mucous membranes – and you notice that you feel sick – the actual infection can no longer be warded off and stopped. You can’t stop the disease process quickly with a drug or home remedy.” 

Suppose the viruses and bacteria have managed to establish themselves in the body. In that case, it is essential to know how best to deal with the infection and minimize the effects of an imminent illness. 

Water And Tea Do Not Help As Expected

Suppose you have already been infected and feel the typical symptoms such as a sore throat and headaches. In that case, you should keep a close eye on them to initiate suitable therapy as quickly as possible. 

“If you feel body aches, then you have to try to make them somehow more bearable. On the one hand, this process works with medication, but it’s also interesting to know whether you can get relief on your own – of course, you can,”.

Many sufferers rely on sufficient water and tea during a cold, as you lose a lot of fluid through frequent sweating.

However, the expert points out that it is much more about what kind of liquid you are drinking and what the body lacks in the acute phase of the disease.

“A lot of water or tea is often not good for us because a lot of salt is sweated out during a phase of illness – this also has to be supplemented for a complete healing process.” 

This Form Of Liquid Is Best For Fighting A Cold 

The doctor gives a helpful tip on properly replenishing your fluid balance – based on grandma’s home recipes.

If you have lost a lot of salt through heavy sweating, it is best to use traditional soup.

“It used to be called the consomm√©- and it doesn’t bear its name for nothing. In principle, broth means nothing more than a very salty soup that is supposed to stabilize the circulation,” 

He adds: “It is known, for example, that the effect of paracetamol on headaches and body aches is better if you add a saltwater infusion than if you don’t take table salt or something similar at the same time.”

This Is How You Can Avoid Catching A Cold 

If the infection is already in the body, you can no longer stop a cold. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to avoid getting infected in the first place. 

Proper Handwashing 

Washing your hands properly is probably the be-all and end-all to prevent getting infected with viruses or bacteria. Especially when you have a cold, you should wash your hands as often and thoroughly as possible.

It is not enough to let the water run over your fingers – soap or disinfectant should be part of the routine. 

You can also try to reduce shaking hands with other people. 

A Balanced Sleep Rhythm 

A functioning immune system is of great importance to protecting against pathogens and viruses. This is weakened, for example, when the body is exposed to a permanent lack of sleep.

It then begins to decrease the production of cytokines – these proteins play a crucial role in the immune system and the healing process. 

Healthy Eating

If you want to avoid a cold, eating a healthy and balanced diet is particularly important. 

Foods such as fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products contain lots of vitamins and minerals and support the immune system. 

Regular ginger shots in the morning can also help get through the cold season in good health as a preventive measure. They get the metabolism going at full speed and strengthen the immune system – it’s not for nothing that ginger is considered the cold killer at all. 

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