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Body Awareness: Understand What It Is And What Its Benefits

Our body was not born to stand still. As we grow, we develop the muscles and joints to perform large movements and ensure strength in everyday life. That’s why avoiding physical activity, and stretching makes us tired and unmotivated.

This way, when we activate the body through exercises, we develop body awareness, capable of transforming anyone’s quality of life.

If you still need to learn what she is and what her benefits are, rest assured! We explain everything in this article. Good reading!

What Is Body Awareness?

Have you ever noticed when your posture was wrong? Did you feel pain in your back or legs due to work? Did you notice that your shoulders were tense? This is all part of body awareness.

It is through her that we perceive our whole body. In other words, we feel and understand the movements he performs, his limits, his physical capacity, and the symptoms of poor posture and lack of physical activity.

In this way, body awareness allows you to know and experience your body differently, making you recognize the origin of pain and muscle discomfort and perceive the benefits of performing some physical activity on a daily basis.

With this, you develop deep self-knowledge, identifying your body’s capacities — and developing them even more —and improving your relationship with the environment.

What Is The Importance Of Developing It?

It is widespread to read or hear about the importance of practicing physical activity, having a healthy diet, and developing a good quality of life. All of this can be worked on by improving your body awareness.

After all, its most significant importance is knowing one’s own body, knowing its limits and strengths, identifying pain, and knowing its standard of normality. In other words, it’s becoming aware of your body.

Thus, you guarantee several benefits – which we will list below! —in addition to avoiding a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. For example, let’s say you have the habit of bumping into different places while walking or live with muscle pain, and you don’t know why.

This happens because you must still develop body awareness and know your body’s limits. By improving it, you promote self-knowledge, establishing better contact between the organism and the mind and between you and the environment.

What Are The Benefits Generated?

By now, you may have noticed that body awareness provides several benefits, from identifying joint pains and natural movement processes to enhancing self-awareness.

Below, we separate other advantages that it brings. Check out!

Improves Quality Of Life

Constant work and a busy routine often prevent you from recognizing what your body shows, good or bad. This causes many people to have poor posture, joint problems, and back pain.

By understanding what is being harmful, you automatically correct your body and avoid attitudes that bring harm in the long term. A great example is the simple movement of sitting.

When using chairs without ergonomics and armrests, too high or too low, the spine finds some way to compensate for what is missing, which, in the future, causes pain and stress.

But then, how does body awareness help in these cases? Through her, you realize compensation, relaxing your shoulders, standing straight, and adjusting your legs to leave them at 90°.

This contributes to a healthier and happier life without muscle discomfort and chronic pain.

And more: by knowing your own body, you also improve the ability to recognize your emotional states, identifying movements related to anxiety, sadness, joy, and fear.

Decreases The Risk Of Injury

As we mentioned, by being aware of your body, you considerably reduce the risk of injury at work and during physical activity.

After all, you are fully aware of what is happening to your musculature when you perform a movement. In addition, you perceive the strength of your body, more easily dosing how much it can handle and, consequently, avoiding injuries.

Generates More Mood

Do you remember that at the beginning of this article, we explained that one of the causes of tiredness and lack of motivation is a lack of body awareness? A conscious body improves your physical conditioning, leaving joints lubricated, muscles strengthened, and a good relationship with the environment.

All this contributes — and how! — to improve your mood and face the challenges of everyday life with more peace of mind. Thus, you feel motivated to practice physical activity and ensure a healthier life.

How To Get Body Awareness?

But then, how to develop it and conquer all these benefits? It must be tough, right? It’s straightforward and easily achievable. In addition to being aware of the movements performed daily – such as sitting, walking, lifting, and pulling -the practice of a physical activity is one of the best ways to gain body awareness.

So, when you move, concentrate for a few seconds and notice which muscles contract, which joints are used, the pains that may arise, and how the rest of your body responds to the exercise.

Still, if you want to intensify the perception, observe your respiratory rate, identifying what your body does after inhaling and exhaling calmly.

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