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Cherries: Properties, Nutritional Values, Calories

Tasty, yet in addition wealthy in benefits: cherries. How about we see together with their qualities, properties, and the number we can eat. Cherries are among the most cherished natural products, with a red tone and a sweetish taste. There are a few assortments. They are loaded with supplements and medical advantages.

Description Of Cherries

These are the product of the cherry tree ( Prunus avium ), having a place with the Rosaceae family and local to Asia. The cherry time frame in Italy is from May to the furthest limit of July. Nonetheless, the morphological and organoleptic attributes might differ per the cherries’ assortment.

Variety Of Cherries

In light of the variety and surface of the mash, we can recognize two classifications  :

  1. Tenerife, tiny, light in variety, and with a delicate mash
  2. Duration ( or corns ), which, then again, are bigger and have a dull variety and a crunchy mash.

We should see which are the most popular assortments of cherries:

  1. Rail line cherry, initially from Puglia and extremely boundless, with huge aspects, dull variety, and exceptionally severe and sweet flavor;
  2. Marostica cherry, with an extraordinary red tone, crunchy mash, and lovely flavor;
  3. Anella cherry, with a severe red tone, firm mash, and medium-sweet flavor.

Properties Of Cherries

Not just delicious and potent, cherries are additionally loaded with supplements and properties. What are the principal properties of cherries?

  1. They are plentiful in L-ascorbic acid ;
  2. Cherries are wealthy in potassium ;
  3. Wealthy in cancer prevention agents, cherries have cell reinforcement and mitigating properties;
  4. Melatonin levels improve.

Benefits Of Cherries

Here are the primary advantages of cherries:

  1. helpful for reinforcing the insusceptible framework;
  2. carry advantages to skin wellbeing;
  3. manage circulatory strain;
  4. decrease irritation and all related infections;
  5. decrease cardiovascular gamble;
  6. decrease irritation and side effects of joint pain;
  7. Advance rest.

Calories And Nutritional Values ​​Of Cherries

Here are the nutritional values ​​of the cherry per 100 g:

  1. 38 kcal
  2. Protein 0.8 g
  3. Carbohydrates 9 g
  4. Sugars 9 g
  5. Fat 0.1 g
  6. Fiber 1.3 g. 

Contraindications Of Cherries

There are no particular contraindications of cherries if consumed in adequate quantities. We remind you that a standard portion of fresh fruit is about 150 g. 

Cherry And Black Cherry: What Are The Differences?

Cherry and harsh cherry are the products of two unique trees with a place with similar family and class: the cherry tree, the Prunus avium, and the sharp cherry tree Prunus cerasus var. dark cherry. The fundamental distinction between cherry and dark cherry ( harsh cherry ) lies in variety and flavor: the last option has a slight red tone and an unpleasant/corrosive flavor.

Cherries, Allies Of

Cherries are suitable for:

  1. Cardiovascular system ;
  2. immune system ;
  3. skin ;
  4. sleep.

A Recipe With Cherries

As much as you love them, cherries are hard to get leftover, but if you’ve bought a lot of them and they’re about to spoil, here’s a fresh, nutritious, and thirst-quenching idea: cherry smoothie.


  1. 150 g of cherries;
  2. One apple ;
  3. 150 g of cow’s milk or vegetable drink.


  1. Strip the apple and cut it into little 3D shapes.
  2. Wash and pit the cherries and empty them into a blender along with the apple and milk or vegetable beverage (e.g., almonds ).
  3. Mix until you get a smooth and homogeneous blend.
  4. Assuming you like, refrigerate before utilization.

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