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Five Habits To Adopt Now And Lose Weight Healthily

For those who gained weight during the pandemic, which is super normal, simple habits can make you lose weight again.

Losing weight is almost always on the list of goals. And getting results is easier than you think. We separate a list with just five habits that, if adopted, will make weight loss come efficiently and gradually. Do you want to lose weight healthily? So check it out!

Include Salad Or Vegetables On The Plate : 

Do you want to moderate the carbohydrates? It’s no use cutting rice if your plate is half empty. Always include salad or vegetables on the plate. They are low-calorie foods that increase satiety and will help you lose weight. If you don’t like all vegetables, start by putting the ones you like on your plate.

Don’t Run Away From Fat : 

Include sources of essential fatty acids in your diet. For example, 6 to 12 almonds in the snack, one tablespoon of olive oil to season the salad, two walnuts at bedtime, and salmon or sardines twice a week will help you lose weight.

Bet Hard On Protein : 

Don’t just eat fruits or cookies for lunch. To lose weight, always include a protein source, which helps promote satiety, accelerates metabolism, and contributes to weight loss. Eat at least one yogurt, if you can, and bet on light, fresh cheese or hard-boiled egg.

If It Has Sugar, Don’t Drink It : 

Get in the habit of religiously consulting the labels of the foods you consume and eliminate those with sugar in the ingredients list: juices, soft drinks, cereals, cookies, etc. You can lose 1 kilo a month just with this care.

Pay Close Attention To Breakfast: 

Never skip breakfast, as this meal is essential for the body, which needs nutrients when waking up. However, it’s not worth just doing it right after waking up and losing your hand for the rest of the day. Consult a nutritionist to have a balanced diet, but know that every meal is essential to lose weight.

Hydration And Weight Loss: How Water Can Help With Diet

Vital for the body’s functions, water consumption is also an ally for those looking to control weight. Find out why hydration is essential.

Water corresponds to 70% of our body composition and is essential for the most different functions of the body. However, the amount and frequency of consumption indicated to maintain good hydration are still contradictory among some experts.

To clarify this doubt once and for all, the nutritionist at Hospital Albert Einstein and co-founder of the NGO Obesidade Brasil, Andrea Pereira, explains: “On average, our body produces 7 liters of liquids daily, including saliva, gastric juice, among others, while in the intestine we absorb about 9 liters of water, generating a deficit of 2 liters. Therefore, we recommend, at least, these two liters are ideal for daily consumption and should not be ingested all at once”.

Why Good Hydration Is So Important

Consuming the indicated doses of water is essential. This is because, in addition to lubricating structures throughout our body, water is also a strong helper in weight control, as it improves the absorption of nutrients and digestion of food. 

“We need water from the blood vessels and gastrointestinal tract to lubricate our eyes and joints. Not consuming water or ingesting only a small amount impairs all these functions that need the liquid, generating a warning signal that most of the time is characterized by constipation”,.

Those who want to lose weight usually focus only on food control and exercise to burn calories. But, this way, it is practically impossible to lose healthy weight – even in the coldest seasons of the year. 

Maintaining good hydration and avoiding health problems can accelerate the fat-burning process, improving the proper functioning of the body and, consequently, metabolism.

“The starting point for preparing for summer is to increase your water intake to stay properly hydrated. It is also indicated to give preference to the intake of lighter and healthier foods, thus improving energy and well-being”, 

Cases That Deserve Attention

Even if it is a liquid without contraindications, the specialist highlights the care with hydration of the elderly, heart, and people with kidney problems. “The elderly need extra attention, as they have a greater tendency to dehydration, also losing the alert caused by the sensation of thirst. In addition, people with heart and kidney problems often have a restriction of water intake, which must be guided by those who accompany them professionally”

The doctor also warns of the lack of water treatment in many regions of Brazil, which puts the population in insecurity, bringing several health risks. A survey released last year by the Institute revealed that about 35 million people do not have access to drinking water in the country. 

Faced with some deficiencies and factors that compromise water treatment suitable for consumption, investing in a water purifier has become a necessity in many people’s homes. “Untreated water can be the main cause of infections and intoxications, which makes the use and ingestion of properly purified liquid even more necessary,” 

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