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Lose Weight Without Suffering

Losing weight without suffering is the desire of almost all overweight people. Who doesn’t want to lose that extra belly without having to make great efforts and sacrifices? For many, however, this sounds almost like a utopia. After all, according to the popular imagination, to lose fat, you have to stop eating everything that gives you pleasure. But, this is not an absolute truth.

We know that to lose weight, it is necessary to maintain a caloric deficit. This means spending more energy than you consume. In other words, roughly speaking, the popular concept is somewhat correct. You need to eat less and move more. However, giving up what we like to eat is not necessary. To lose weight without suffering, you need balance and awareness.

“The issue is not necessarily in these dishes [which do not belong in the diet]. And yes, in the frequency they are consumed, the amount ingested, and the accompaniments served. We need to understand that eating is an act of pleasure. That’s why choosing the menu and assembling the dish requires a lot of balance and moderation, so that the moment is enjoyed with more joy and without exaggeration”, .

As we’ve seen, there are two ways to lose fat: decrease caloric intake and increase energy expenditure. In short, it means you have to diet and train. This may seem like a big challenge to some people. However, the coach and sports advisor, Leandro Twin, separated two simple tricks to lose weight without suffering. One about food and one about training. Check out:

1 – Food Trick: Don’t Be Afraid Of Carbs

The first step for many people who want to lose weight fast and don’t know where to start is cutting carbohydrates from their diet, making the weight loss process painful and unsustainable in the long run. According to Twin, some studies show that consuming carbohydrates – as long as there is caloric control – does not negatively affect weight loss. In addition, the presence of the nutrient can even accelerate the fat-burning process.

It is worth remembering that carbohydrate – in the right measure – leaves the body with more energy. “The coach reveals that the individual has more training power, so he can improve his physical conditioning, health markers and create a healthier caloric deficit,” reveals the coach. Therefore, if you want to lose weight without suffering, consult a nutritionist and don’t go around cutting everything that is a source of carbohydrates, such as bread, rice, and potatoes.

2 – Training Trick: Increase The Intensity Gradually

Another typical attitude of those who want to lose weight quickly is to give the most of themselves on the treadmill or any other physical activity. First of all, it has to be said that the intention is noble and that you will get there. But in the beginning, be a little calm. Training for hours and hours when you are still a beginner is not sustainable in the long term and can cause injuries.

“Aerobics should be practiced as a growing pyramid. For example, one h per week and the following ones add another h, as the results are stagnant. This will lead to a result where conditioning is created in the same path of body fat loss,” recommends Twin. Losing weight without suffering is possible, be consistent and avoid extreme and unsustainable attitudes for long periods.

How To Get Into A Calorie Deficit

Therefore, to enter a caloric deficit and avoid foods with a lot of calories, it is also recommended to practice physical activities to increase the body’s energy demand. But not everything is so easy. It is necessary to be careful not to make a deficit that is too aggressive for the organism and not to stagnate.

“Following my students, I notice that many start a diet to lose body fat and do very well on their own. But they can’t get out of this stagnation process after a while. The person is eating little, exercising, and not seeing results”.

According to the specialist, this usually happens because of the body’s adaptations in the weight loss process. What was once a calorie deficit for you, after a while, may no longer be.

Avoid Stagnation

“It’s simple: if you’re in a calorie deficit, you lose fat. If you’re not losing weight or fat, you’re not in a real caloric deficit. You have an imaginary or mathematical caloric deficit, which is nothing in practice”, .

“In the beginning, for example, when you weigh 100kg and start a diet with ‘X’ calories, you have a metabolism working at 100%. But the body will try to stop it. It lowers your metabolism, and if you don’t lower the calories in your diet, you’re stagnant,” adds Twin.

To break this stagnation, it is necessary to increase the caloric deficit. And the only ways to achieve that are through training and food. You need to train more and eat less.

That’s why it’s essential not to start a weight loss plan with aggressive strategies. In addition to offering health risks and increasing the chances of developing some compulsion, they can leave you without alternatives when the metabolism adapts to the new reality.

“If you are stagnant, you can and should cut back at least 300 calories. You are taking away the carbs and fat but preserving the protein at 2g/kg. Along with this maneuver, it is also possible to increase energy expenditure a little, with an extra hour of aerobics per week.

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