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Four Common Causes Of Body Aches

Seeking to maintain a good quality of life, the balance between mind and body provides us with well-being and willingness to perform our daily tasks. However, when body aches appear, we see all our tranquility constantly changing.

Pain can affect people differently, but it always means a nuisance caused by various issues. Therefore, it is essential to know the leading causes of body ache and go in search of a doctor you trust. Stay with us and check out some examples below.

Thyroid Problems

Thyroid problems include body aches, difficulty managing weight, excessive tiredness, and limb swelling. Goiter, Hyperthyroidism, and thyroid cancer are some related conditions.

Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a medical check-up with a specific frequency to assess any irregularities. Biopsy or puncture, hormone testing, and antibody testing are the tests available to detect thyroid problems.

Stress And Anxiety

In general, stress and anxiety make people’s daily lives very difficult. After all, they become more worried, without disposition and with a tense body, leaving the shoulders, neck, and back muscles stiff. Another consequence is the search for short-term solutions that fill the void they feel. 

Binge eating cases are common, as fatty foods or foods full of sugars become the solution to bring an immediate feeling of well-being. However, this habit can be pretty harmful, helping to trigger inflammation in the body, which causes body pain and metabolic syndrome.

It is interesting to opt for relaxing activities, exercises, and reviewing eating habits to focus on the proper functioning of the body and not be vulnerable to the appearance of diseases. In addition, it is worth investing in therapy and resolving internal issues that afflict and inhibit the desired comfort.

Bad Sleeping Position

Sleep quality is critical to physical and mental health. The precious 8 hours of daily relaxation revitalizes us and makes the body rest properly. However, certain positions can cause body pain, such as sleeping on your stomach or not supporting your head well.

It is recommended that people who suffer from gastroesophageal reflux sleep on their left side. Thus, it is possible to relieve the symptoms and not have so much discomfort during the day. Other than that, those with sleep apnea need to avoid sleeping on their back, as the position inhibits the passage of air during sleep. And when we don’t sleep well, the whole body suffers tiredness and pain.

Flu And Colds

Carelessness on winter days can leave the individual vulnerable to disease, as low humidity and dry air increase the likelihood of infections such as flu and colds. Consequently, body aches, runny nose, and fever are common symptoms.

Protecting yourself is essential to wash your hands, keep your immune system strong, avoid touching your face outside or indoors, and getting the flu shot. 

Finally, don’t forget to check with your doctor if you have low levels of vitamin D. This way, he can give you supplements and a diet rich in this substance to improve your immunity and avoid body pain. Other causes that should be investigated are arthritis, fibromyalgia, and infectious diseases.

Visceral fat causes more severe consequences than subcutaneous fat, but both require professional monitoring. Therefore, a nutritionist doctor can prescribe a balanced diet that brings the desired effect.

The Consequences Of Belly Fat

Despite the common sense that abdominal fat is linked to a biological issue, what defines it is everyday habits. Examples include a poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, and smoking, in addition to situations of stress and hormonal changes.

Allied to this, we can also mention the lack of sleep quality. Without the necessary 8 hours of rest, we don’t have the disposition to lead the days with more extraordinary lightness and productivity.

All these factors cause worse problems, which is why it is necessary to treat fat accumulation. See some examples of potential risks below.

Heart Diseases

Clogged arteries are one of the leading causes of abdominal fat. Thus, the individual becomes increasingly vulnerable to recurrent heart attacks. It is essential to review habits and avoid a slowdown in metabolism.


Abdominal fat causes chronic inflammation and brings the individual closer to hypertension. In fact, according to the WHO (World Health Organization), the world has already reached the mark of 1.4 billion hypertensive patients in 2019 alone. And 65% of them suffered acute infarctions.


Diabetes cases are increasing gradually. From 10 years to now, there has been an increase of 26.61%, according to the International Diabetes Federation. In short, the large amount of fat hinders the work of the pancreas. Therefore, it is necessary to control the blood sugar level so as not to suffer from this disease.

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