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Slimming At Home: How To Control Anxiety And Not Lose Focus?

If you started training at home to eliminate unwanted love handles, you’ve climbed the scales after that. And you’ve probably done that a few times, haven’t you? Just like when we go on diets, the weight loss process also causes us a lot of anxiety. However, when it is in excess, it can get in the way of your goals. If you saw yourself in this context, our advice is to follow the article below. In it, you will receive very excellent tips to continue your slimming  process at home and not abandon it halfway.  

Understand That Each Organism Responds Differently To Stimuli

“With functional training, you lose 1000 calories in 1 hour.” “With just 45 minutes of walking, you burn between 400 – 500 calories”. Does this count sound familiar to you? If so, it could cause anxiety that makes you step on the scale several times a day. The best way to avoid losing focus because of these goals defined by the fitness world is to understand that each organism reacts differently to the same stimuli. That’s because some people have a faster metabolism while others are slower. So the correct thing is: “in a functional training class, you can lose up to 1000 calories.” That way, you don’t get discouraged if the results aren’t the same as your co-worker. In addition, you don’t run the risk of disrespecting your own body’s limits in search of the best results.  

Eat Foods That Relieve Anxiety

Another tip you can practice in your daily life is to take care of the food. In this case, in addition to being a balanced diet, it must also include some ingredients, which due to their properties, can relieve anxiety symptoms. Check out the main ones below:  

  • banana ;
  • Chocolate;
  • Cashew nut;
  • Spinach;
  • Linseed;
  • chia;

  These foods, in particular, are rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, flavonoids, omega three and other substances capable of increasing serotonin levels in the body, regulating mood and controlling anxiety. But how to know the properties of each food? Well, in that case, you can count on a cell phone application. Some are so complete that they help you understand foods and how they interact with your body, but they also help you prepare tasty and nutritious meals. Technology is worth giving a try!  

Invest In Practices Focused On Mental Health

In addition, you can also invest in physical and mental relaxation practices, such as yoga and meditation. Both methods are ancient and effective in combating anxiety, stress and depression. Yoga, for example, aims to balance the practitioner’s body and mind through postures, breathing techniques and concentration. Its main benefits include: Muscle strengthening;

  • Self-knowledge ;
  • Corporal conscience;
  • Improved sleep;
  • Healthy slimming.

  In turn, meditation has as its primary objective to connect you to your inner self through detachment from thoughts. Like yoga, meditation also offers several health benefits:  

  • Improved focus and concentration;
  • Ability to better deal with problems;
  • Body awareness ;
  • Healing trauma and addictions;
  • Relief from stress and anxiety;
  • Combat insomnia.

  And the good news is that regardless of your choice, you can practice these two activities in your home. For this, however, you need the instructions of a specialized professional. There are more than 150 guided meditations and several online yoga classes for you to combine these teachings with your food reeducation and the fitness activities you already practice.  

Share Knowledge And Your Experiences With Others

And just because you decided to take care of your health and fitness at home doesn’t mean this needs to be a solitary activity, see? One of the many benefits of mobile applications is allowing you to participate in discussion forums. Divided according to your goals, these forums will enable you to share knowledge, experiences and the results of your weight loss with other application users.

Thus, you will be able to exchange recipes, ask questions about a particular physical exercise or have access to several tips from real people, just like you. Without a doubt, keeping in touch with other people going through the same process as you are the best way not to lose focus and achieve your goals.

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