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Taking Care Of Food After Workout

Taking care of food after workout is undoubtedly one of the most critical steps for those who want to achieve good results with physical exercises. However, you need to know when and what to eat after physical activity, especially if it is more intense.

Taking care of food after training is undoubtedly one of the most critical steps for those who want to achieve good results with physical exercises. However, you need to know when and what to eat after physical activity, especially if it is more intense. In this way, you not only get rid of unwanted pounds or gain muscle mass but also ensure more willingness to face everyday life’s challenges.  

If you believe that having your stomach growling after working out is a sign that you are reaching your goals, you are wrong. With that attitude, all you’re achieving is sabotaging your fitness goal. By neglecting to eat after training, you deprive your body of nutrients necessary for proper functioning, such as carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. From there, your body starts to store fat instead of burning it. That is, goodbye weight loss, flat stomach, and, in some cases, willingness to train the next day. When you give proper attention to nutrition after training, it stimulates protein synthesis of the muscles. In addition, it promotes the recovery of tendons and nerves, which are weakened during activities. Therefore, eating well and at the right time is essential to achieve the long-awaited physical results.

If you’re unsure what to eat after training, don’t worry! Nowadays, even with cell phone apps, you can set up a personalized food routine according to your personal information and goals with physical exercises. Some apps are so complete that, in addition to diets developed by experts, they even offer a calorie counter and water intake control so that you can take comprehensive care of your diet. And to relieve the anxiety caused by waiting for results, they also offer mental relaxation practices. 

How Long Do You Eat After Training?

Talking about a specific time window for eating after training is very difficult, as each body works differently. There are currently some studies on nutrient timing. However, we still don’t have a scientific conclusion about the period we should wait to eat after training. However, the most recommended by doctors and specialists is to wait about an hour to eat after working out. That’s because, before that, our body is significantly accelerated, which for some people becomes a reason for nausea and loss of appetite. Also, after an hour, our muscles are already regenerating and, for this reason, are ready to absorb nutrients and proteins, making better use of the ingested ingredients. This, in turn, helps to maximize results. What proteins to eat post-workout?

  •     Indispensable in the menu of those who exercise regularly, proteins help in muscle recovery, as well as in lean mass gain. However, you need to know which proteins to eat to accelerate the results of your workouts. That’s because some have a lot of fat, which can completely undermine your fitness goals. Some super cool protein tips for you to eat after your workout are: Eggs: two units have about 16 grams of protein and still contain a lot of omega 3, an ideal element for muscle recovery;
  • Chicken is very suitable for being a high protein source and having almost no fat. In addition, it is light and super tasty, as long as it has the correct preparation;
  • Salmon: Salmon is also rich in protein and omega 3. Therefore, it protects the cardiovascular system and helps in muscle recovery;
  • Milk: Besides being a great source of protein, it is also rich in healthy carbohydrates, ideal for those looking for muscle growth.

Juices For A Lighter Post-Workout Meal

  • As we mentioned earlier, maintaining food after training is often a real challenge for many people, both because of the difficulty in eating at that moment and the day-to-day rush. In this scenario, juices can be a great and healthy alternative for those who do not have the time to invest in an elaborate meal. They are much quicker to prepare and easier to ingest, even in those moments when the body is still full of adrenaline. Below we separate some super delicious and healthy juices tips for your post-workout: Orange juice: rich in carbohydrates and vitamin C; it adjusts the body’s energy levels and strengthens the immune system;
  • Pineapple Refreshment: source of carbohydrates and anti-inflammatory properties, pineapple offers more energy after activities, in addition to preventing or treating post-workout muscle pain;
  • Kale juice with quinoa: Kale is rich in nutrients and low in fat, making it an excellent food for those who want a healthier lifestyle. Quinoa, in turn, is an excellent source of carbohydrates and therefore helps replace glycogen. 

Best Fruits For Post-Workout 

Besides juices, fresh fruits are also excellent options for eating after training. They are super practical as they can be taken anywhere. In addition, they are rich in water and vitamins and, therefore, both help in muscle recovery and the replacement of water lost during activities. However, it is essential to choose suitable fruits to maximize results after exercise. Some of the best options are Melon; 

  • Watermelon; 
  • Litter;
  • Kiwi; 
  • Blackberry; 
  • Raspberry;
  • Strawberry; 
  • Blueberry;
  • Papaya; 
  • Pear.

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