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What To Eat At Dawn Without Getting Fat?

It’s 2:30 in the morning. You are in your bed, all complete and comfortable, enjoying your well-deserved rest, when, suddenly, you start to dream that you are enjoying your favorite food – which can be pasta, pizza, etc.

Out of nowhere, you wake up and feel a huge hunger. He even tries to stave off his appetite, trying to go back to sleep, but it seems that need only increases. So, he decides to abandon the comfort of the bed, pillow, and duvet and goes to the kitchen, searching for something to fill his stomach.

When he gets there, he stops and thinks: what to eat at dawn to end this hunger, but without making me gain weight?

Research Pointed Out The Harm Of Eating At Dawn 

The answer is favorable for those who wonder if eating at dawn makes you fat. At least a survey carried out in the United States indicated that when food consumption occurs after dinner or outside the normal rhythm – as is the case of dawn – the body gains a predisposition to store the calories consumed. As fats and not to burn them for energy.

The study also showed that snacking late at night not only encourages weight gain it can also increase blood sugar levels and, as a result, increase the risk of developing chronic disease.

What To Eat At Dawn If I Don’t Want To Gain Weight?

You have to be careful with the late-night snack so that it doesn’t become a hindrance to your diet, causing you to gain excess weight, right? Even because the habit can be dangerous for our health, as we have just seen.

For cases where you can’t avoid eating late at night, here are some suggestions, so you know what to eat at dawn without gaining weight:


The feeling of thirst can be confused with hunger – that is, the person believes they are hungry when in fact, they need to hydrate.

When a person doesn’t hydrate during the day, they seem to feel hungrier during the night. “The brain deceives.”

So, the first tip on what to eat at dawn to not gain weight is not precisely the consumption of a specific food. The guideline is to make sure that the supposed hunger does not thirst and to drink a glass of water when you think your appetite is screaming in the middle of the night.


It doesn’t have to be a whole fruit – it’s worth a piece or a small portion, which doesn’t exceed the 200 calories mentioned above. Fruits are sources of fiber, which help with satiety, so they can help kill hunger at dawn.

Not to mention that they are healthy and serve as a source of essential nutrients for the functioning of the human body, such as vitamins and minerals. Just be careful with diuretic fruits – which stimulate urine – so you don’t wake up in the middle of the night to empty your bladder in the bathroom.


You can minimize the risk of getting fat by making an omelet that will be low in carbs. You can use two egg whites and one yolk and add onion, tomato, a little cheese, and any vegetable that adds volume without calories.


Choose yogurts with the least amount of carbohydrates. That means it has fewer added sugars. You can include some rolled oats to add some crunch.

Other Tips 

Traci Mann, a professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota in the United States, indicates not restricting food consumption throughout the day too severely. With that, the person doesn’t need to control himself so much during the night (since he won’t have as much appetite) and not worry about the feeling of hunger, defends the specialist.

Another tip from the psychology professor is not to keep junk food and treats in the house. If these foods are not available there, the person will not feel like eating them. In the same vein, nutritionist Liliane Opperman recommended that healthier foods be placed in the fridge first.

According to Opperman, if you know you might feel like having a snack throughout the night, you should leave small jars with healthy items like sliced ​​cucumbers or carrot cubes right in front of the fridge.

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