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What To Eat For An Afternoon Snack To Lose Weight?

Many people still believe that to lose weight, it is necessary to go without eating, especially to give up afternoon snacks once and for all. However, it has already been proven that this is not true. To lose weight, it is unnecessary to stop eating or eat only during the main meals.

Some studies suggest that people are more likely to maintain weight loss when maintaining a healthy eating pattern. 

When people satisfy their hunger with healthy snacks, they are less likely to consume foods with little or no nutritional value or exceed their calorie limit. 

Check out some tips on what to eat for your afternoon snack to lose weight and learn how to make the best choices between meals to achieve your goals.

What Makes Food Suitable For Weight Loss?

Some foods are better for weight loss than others. Foods rich in fiber and protein, for example, tend to make people feel fuller, causing them to eat less during meals or even in their snacks.

Another critical point is to choose foods with low-calorie content but with a greater density or volume because the more space the food occupies in the stomach, the more satisfied (and less hungry) the person will feel.

Another good tip is to give preference to foods that help speed up metabolism, generating more energy and accelerating the burning of calories. Remember that an accelerated metabolism enables you to process the food you eat more efficiently.

People who want to lose weight should avoid foods that contain a lot of the following elements:

  • Saturated fat;
  • Salt;
  • Simple carbohydrates;
  • Sugar.

Foods that are not processed are also good choices, as processed foods contain high sugar, salt, or both.

What To Eat For Lunch To Lose Weight

It is essential to know what to eat for your afternoon snack to lose weight and thus make healthy choices that will help you not to overdo it, as they provide good nutrients. Here are some options:

Celery And Nut Or Peanut Butter

Celery is a low-calorie vegetable; after all, it is made up of water, helping to promote satiety.

Adding a stalk of celery to a tablespoon of nut or peanut butter, also known as peanut butter, preferably unsweetened, will benefit protein and healthy fats.

To make a chestnut butter at home, have a good processor and use the chestnuts of your choice. Process the sayings well, and you are ready.


Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate, which means it helps promote satiety without raising blood sugar levels. Oatmeal is responsible for lowering the glycemic index of meals and snacks, as it is a good source of fiber, especially beta-glucan, which contributes to weight loss or maintenance. Take the opportunity to check out all the benefits of oatmeal for health and fitness.

Extra Fat-Free Popcorn

Popcorn is a trendy snack in Brazil and is often seen as a villain by people who want to lose weight, mainly because of the fat, salt, or sugar added to the preparation of this food.

However, popcorn without these ingredients is a great option, as it is a low-calorie whole-grain cereal that offers a lot of fiber that brings satiety and reduces hunger.


Nuts are a great healthy snack option as they provide good fats and protein. However, people who want to limit their salt intake should pay attention to labels to ensure no salt is added.

Also, it’s essential to avoid cooked chestnuts with flavors, as these flavors often add salt or sugar.

Prefer raw or dry roasted options; however, keep in mind that nuts are high in calories and should be consumed in small amounts during a snack if you don’t want to gain weight.

Dry Fruits

Dried fruits are a healthy, practical snack that helps with weight loss because they are rich in fiber and are an essential source of vitamins and minerals.

Opt for those with no added sugar or sweeteners, and a healthy snack balanced on carbohydrates and protein mix them with nuts.

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