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Hair Loss: Rely On These Six Foods

Everyone loses up to 100 hairs a day. This is entirely normal, and our bodies are constantly working to produce new hair. Poor nutrition can lead to increased hair loss. You can find out how to protect your hair by consuming the right foods here.

Hair loss has many causes. In addition to hereditary factors for certain forms of hair loss, inflammation of the scalp, diseases, or inadequate care can also hurt our hair. However, an improper diet often causes excessive hair loss. If your body cannot access enough minerals and vitamins, your skin and hair will suffer. Be sure to include the following foods in your daily diet to avoid increased hair loss.

Foods For Hair Loss


Biotin is also known as vitamin B7 and plays a vital role in healthy cell renewal in skin and hair. Biotin is therefore also referred to as a “beauty vitamin” by the beauty industry. Drops, tinctures and serums containing the skin and hair vitamin are popular anti-aging bestsellers. Biotin is required in the body for amino acid and carbohydrate metabolism processes.

If you want to support your biotin balance in a completely natural way, a healthy and conscious diet is enough. Foods containing biotins such as soybeans or edamame, nuts, liver, oatmeal and egg yolk should be a regular part of your diet to strengthen your hair roots and thus prevent hair loss.


The mineral iron is required for many essential synthesis processes in the human body. Enzymes responsible for the rapid and healthy proliferation of hair root cells require an adequate supply of iron. Studies have already found a connection between low blood iron levels and increased hair loss in women.

To get enough iron with food every day and prevent hair loss, we recommend an iron-rich diet with legumes, mushrooms, beef, pistachios, soy products, or lamb’s lettuce.


About 90 percent of our hair consists of the protein molecule keratin. Protein is the basic building block of our hair fibers. Only with sufficient protein reserves can our body form new keratin used for stable hair fibers and resilient hair roots. If you eat too little healthy protein through your diet, your hair will also suffer. They become dull, are less resilient and fall out more quickly. Protein-containing foods against hair loss are primarily milk, eggs, poultry, nuts or legumes. Fish also contains a lot of protein and extra portions of omega-3 fatty acids.

Beta Carotene

Hair loss is closely related to how healthy our scalp is. Inflammation, lichen, dry patches and dandruff can hurt the development of resilient and robust hair roots. Only a healthy scalp can produce healthy hair. A sufficient supply of beta-carotene is therefore recommended to strengthen the skin. This is a plant provitamin metabolized to vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A, in turn, plays a vital role in our skin’s health. Therefore, rely on sweet potatoes, carrots or red peppers.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The cells in our skin depend on fats. The glands also use essential fatty acids in our skin to create sebum, among other things. The skin protects itself from external influences and removes impurities. Glands at the roots of the hair also produce sebum to provide the hair with a protective film. Only with enough omega-3 fatty acids can hair retain its elasticity, suppleness and natural shine. Therefore, make sure you eat a balanced diet with healthy fatty acids from fish, linseed oil or rapeseed oil for healthy hair growth.


The protein collagen pads your skin cells and ensures a stable and strong connective tissue. As one of the most common proteins in our body, collagen is essential for the healthy formation of skin cells and the stability of blood vessels. With enough collagen in the body, the fine capillaries in your scalp also stay healthy and robust and can provide the roots of your hair with sufficient nutrients. You can promote healthy hair and average hair growth by eating collagen-rich foods such as blueberries, oatmeal, salmon or sweet potatoes. 

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