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Whiten Your Teeth With Natural Methods

Baking soda, apple cider vinegar, lemon – these are the most effective products—ten remedies and small preventive gestures, including brushing your teeth after each meal. Lemon, baking soda, and apple cider vinegar are the most effective natural ingredients for whitening teeth without resorting to industrial products.

Then there are the small daily gestures, the simplest ones, that help keep your teeth white: wash them after every meal, for example, and don’t overdo it with the movement of the toothbrush. Also, be aware that smoking turns your teeth yellow; therefore, if you want them white, you must give up cigarettes.

How To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

White teeth equal a pleasant smile and breath, a healthy and clean mouth. The equation needs to be clarified, but to achieve it and avoid useless and counterproductive excesses, it is good to have clear ideas on how teeth are whitened and which are the best natural remedies and prevention.

How To Have White Teeth

The most direct route is that of whitening treatment: once you take it, always do it by consulting your dentist and not the first charlatan on the street. The reason is simple: this seemingly trivial treatment should be avoided in the presence of caries, gingivitis and hypersensitivity of the teeth. The same goes for chemical products traditionally on the market.

As for the second way, whitening, according to Mother Nature, remember that when it comes to teeth, a good part of the problems can be solved with prevention. Washing them well with toothpaste, especially after meals; not forgetting that some drinks, such as coffee and tea, especially the dark ones, contribute to the formation of stains on the teeth; taking into account the damage of cigarettes, unhealthy carriers of the terrible yellow color that appears on our smile.

How To Whiten Yellow Teeth At Home?

Stained teeth are an aesthetic problem and a waste of health and costs, as we still get to the costs of treating or fixing them. So here are some simple  natural remedies, practical and valuable, provided they are made with a certain constancy, as we explain in our 10 tips :

  1. Brush your teeth after each meal. It is not a particular effort but also pleasant to have fresh and pleasant breath: do it, if possible, every time you eat (breakfast, lunch and dinner). If you clean your teeth regularly and conscientiously, you are less likely to have stained teeth. Dental floss, increasingly advanced and practical, is advisable once a day.
  2. Just as elementary a process as that of cleaning teeth. Use baking soda—mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to make a paste the consistency of toothpaste. Then brush the stains focusing on the blackened parts, making sure that the solution does not touch the gums. 
  3. Check how much plaque you have. You can do it without going to the dentist, but at home. Rinse your mouth with a plaque detector to find where areas of plaque remain after brushing your teeth. The coloured areas are the ones that will stain if you need to improve your cleaning technique.
  4. Rinse, rinse, rinse. Water is also good for the color and brightness of the teeth. After each meal, rinse the food off your teeth. If you can’t go to the bathroom, get your glass of water, take a sip, rinse and swallow while you’re at the table.

How To Use The Toothbrush?

  1. Electric toothbrush. Buying a more technologically advanced electric toothbrush is not a waste of money. On the contrary. The electric toothbrush, where you only have to replace the heads periodically, removes more plaque from your teeth. Some studies show that an electric toothbrush can remove 98.2% of plaque.
  2. The campaign for cleaning teeth with electric and manual toothbrushes must be moderate and gentle—plan with the toothbrush. Then, calmly and with a movement from top to bottom and vice versa. In this case, you could damage the tooth enamel.
  3. The utility of mouthwash. Mouthwash can be helpful, especially if you have a tendency (for example, from smoking) to stain your teeth and make your breath worse. Antibacterial mouthwashes also reduce plaque. An excellent product? 

How To Use Whiteners

  1. Beware of whiteners. These are products that may have various contraindications. If you’re tempted to use an abrasive super-whitener, don’t. It sounds like an easy fix, but it’s like using an abrasive on a countertop. It removes stains, but it also removes nail polish. The thinner the enamel becomes, the more dentin is seen, and so it appears that the tooth is stained. Be careful to scrub only a little tricky, even with the toothbrush.
  2. Other natural remedies. Drink a sip of water after a cup of coffee or red wine. Apple cider vinegar also works to give color and shine to your teeth. Lemon peel, rubbed on the teeth, has a whitening power. 
  3. At periodic checks. Keep having your teeth cleaned by your trusted dentist at least once a year. It is an expense, of course, but thus you avoid worse and heavier ones for a long time. And you get white teeth and a dazzling smile.

The Most Effective Method To Brighten Your Teeth At The Dental Specialist

If you can’t keep your teeth white with natural remedies, and you don’t want to show yourself with a smile that tends to be yellow, then you have to choose a good dentist. The utterly painless in-chair whitening treatment, also called bleaching, has concentrated active ingredients and reduced times: 35% carbamide peroxide-based gel applied directly to the dental surface or using trays to be kept in place in the studio. If you have not had an oral hygiene session during the year (to remove plaque, tartar and minor stains), it is advisable to have it precede the teeth whitening treatment. Finally, the cost: if the dentist is honest, whitening should be at most 200 euros.

Why Do The Teeth Turn Yellow? 

Teeth turn yellow for several reasons. Some more serious, some marginal. The leading causes are:

  1. Excessive consumption of coffee, tea and tobacco. And also fizzy drinks, chocolate and liquorice
  2. Smoking is a factor in yellowing teeth.
  3. Poor periodic cleaning of the  teeth
  4. Plaque tartar deposits are also due to not brushing your teeth after eating.
  5. Caries. Again, everything stems from poor treatment and poor prevention.
  6. Age advancement. This is an inevitable factor in yellowing teeth.

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