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What Are The Foods That Are Good For Bones: What To Eat 

When we suffer a fracture, our bones react to the trauma: they synthesize new cells, receive more blood and slowly repair themselves. Thanks to this process, most fractures heal within six weeks. Some bones, however, are poorly vascularized and require longer recovery times. To facilitate this healing process and immobilization and any surgery, it is essential to follow an appropriate diet. What foods are suitable for the bones and generally rich in calcium? Here are the most and least known foods: what to eat and drink. What are the foods that are good for bones? 

What should we eat and drink to fortify our skeleton and not have bone problems and pains? Let’s face it right away: the list of foods that you will find in this article you will indeed find in other articles that talk about healthy foods and that we will have to take regularly, putting aside garbage food. The bones that make up our skeleton allow us to move the joints quickly and protect our organs. Furthermore, a good level of bone density will enable us not to suffer from the common problem of osteoporosis. The most important substances to fortify our skeletal structure are calcium, as you already know, phosphorus and vitamin C and vitamin D.

How To Strengthen Bone Movement Is Essential

Our skeleton consists mainly of calcium. The bone mass is not dead tissue. The bone substance is built up and broken down in the body throughout life. How hard the support of our body becomes depends on various factors. Regular exercise is considered an essential measure to prevent the pathological breakdown of bone substances in the body and avoid osteoporosis in old age. The reason: Stress stimulates the bone metabolism in the body. But muscle training is also essential. Flabby, weakening muscles harm bone mass. Even regular walks, dancing, or gymnastics can help maintain bone density.

Foods That Are Good For Your Bones: What To Eat

What are the foods that are good for bones? The foods with high amounts of vitamin D are:

  1. Certainly milk derivatives.
  2. Bluefish (mackerel, sardines, cod).
  3. Fatty fish (salmon, also rich in omega-3).

Legumes should not be forgotten, particularly chickpeas, lentils, and beans. Vegetables should also become part of our usual diet, especially lettuce, chard and cabbage salads, because they are an essential source of vitamin K. The latter is also present in fruit such as avocado. As far as vitamin C is concerned, we must not forget the fruit that perhaps most of all contains it: orange. Lemon and figs also do well because they are rich in magnesium and potassium.

Staying on fruit, talking about what is good for bones, let’s move on to the dried ones. Eating walnuts and almonds is a good habit (but be careful not to overdo it) because they are rich in magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and omega-3, substances that strengthen bones. Even ginger and sesame seeds are among the foods to add to our diet: on the first, in particular, some studies define them as an excellent ally to relieve pain deriving from rheumatoid arthritis.

How To Strengthen Bones By Drinking

Water, milk, and orange juice are the three drinks that should be consumed to strengthen the bones. Perhaps not everyone knows that mineral water is one of the primary sources of calcium, thus representing critical support for the bones.

What To Avoid

To avoid bone problems, it would be preferable to avoid salt, or in any case, consume it in small portions, since this element negatively affects the bone system. Excessive consumption of salt promotes bone calcification. Then some foods help eliminate calcium or reduce its absorption: we find tomatoes, tea, coffee, and chocolate. Avoid or limit as much as possible industrial foods (because they are very rich in salt) and alcohol.

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